Monday, March 13, 2006

A Spring Bouquet for You

Ah, spring is in the air. Don't you love the shade of green that appears each spring with the new growth of leaves. It's a magnificent color to behold. So fresh and clean. Things started to sprout here in Middle Tennessee last week, but we've had some rain and things are starting to happen now. The crocus had already showed their little faces, but the grape hyacinth were a little reluctant. They have now decided it's time to come out in full force. That along with the daffodils.

The hub and I finally got around to planting bulbs last fall. If you need bulbs planted, he's the man to see. I tell you, the first year we ever planted bulbs in our first house, I was so mad at him. I left him "planting" to take a phone call--all of ten minutes--and when I returned, he had already planted 50 bulbs. Well, I let him have it left and right. You know as well as me that there's a right way to plant bulbs and there's a wrong way. You can't plant 50 bulbs the right way in ten minutes, am I right here? Wrong. That spring, every single one of his bulbs came up beautifully; the ones I panted, looked pitiful. Ever since, he has been the King of Bulbs. I let him go at it and each year they look gorgeous. Who am I to argue with beautiful results by whatever means. We crack up every year when they begin to bloom.

Last year, we planted daffodils, tulips and grape hyacinths. Pretty simple plan. Daffodils are my favorite. They multiply each year until they take over the whole bed with their brilliant yellows. They make such great cutting flowers to bring indoors. I always get the naturalized packs from White Flower Farms, you can't go wrong by them. I don't know what these are, perhaps a mutant tulip, but they sure are pretty!

Each year, when all the little flowers start to come out, I have a tradition of picking the smallest blooms and putting them in a tiny silver pitcher that my boss (FAR) had given me many years ago. It always brings back fond memories of him.

Well, it seems like we're in for a thunder storm, yipeeee. The doubled-up dose of my antihistamines is making me sleepy along with the pending rain. I may just go pass out. grin. Maybe no pysanka today.

Happy spring everyone! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


John Ivey said...

So Bobby is the bulb man, huh? I like those mutant tulips. I remember working up at the Capitol, and in the spring they would have the most beautiful tulips bloom. Once you plant the bulbs, do they continue to bloom each year? I liked your intro to the post. That was some damned fine descriptive prose. Rose's prose... ha

Rosa said...

Yea, remember at the Capitol after springtime, the gardener's would come and dig them up and throw them away! What a waste!! Yes, they do come back each year, hopefully; unless the deer eat all the leaves.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love you spring pictures! Here, spring is taking a bit more time, but there are already many signs of it (birds singing, more light, snowdrops, cattails...).

Rosa said...

Well Rosa, we're back to winter here! 0 c this morning!! Burrr!

Shell said...

That speak of..that special spring green. Funny you should mention it..because every spring I say to my hubby..."Love that spring green..its unique and only comes this time of year." Our drought has caused some problems with vegetation as you may have heard. We're in a bad situation. Fires are all over. So many acres have been burnt that once the rains do come..we're liable to have flooding because of the lack of vegetation to soak it into the ground. Mother Nature is beautiful, but she sure can be mean once in awhile!

I so enjoy your posts.




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