Sunday, March 26, 2006

Gulf Shores, AL

We made it. It took us seven hours to drive, but a beautiful day to do so. We arrived at our 24th floor rented condo, and it is absolutely gorgeous. What a breathtaking view. I had rented in this building before, last summer, and we really enjoyed the location. We decided to take a southwestern view this time which gave us a beautiful sunset a couple of hours after we arrived. Mom looks so pretty and relaxed here. I think we just may have to move here. (NOT!)

Our first night, we were so exhausted that we ate an early dinner. We drove to Orange Beach, about 10 miles East of us. Our favorite little Italian restaurant was packed with a long wait. No go. We were too tired and too hungry to wait. So we drove on up to Florabama (the border) another 5 miles up and went to our fav seafood joint, The Crab Trap. It’s actually on the Florida side, by about a hair. I ordered shrimp, of course, and the hub had major amounts of crab legs and shrimp. Momma had a crab cake basket and the kid had a popcorn shrimp basket. It all was good. For an appetizer, we ordered the shrimp and crab dip, yum. Forgot the camera—or I forgot I had it. In any case, I didn’t take any pics. Oh well.

It’s been very cool, a little too cool for mom. She’s has been staying in mostly. Happy as a pig in mud as long as she has her TV shows. Guess at that age you get settled in your routines and don’t want to change them. She’s happy just watching TV with a beautiful view of the Western side of the inlet. As long as she stays warm, we’re all happy!

It’s absolutely beautiful here. We all are happy we arrived and are all doing our things--teenagers looking for girls, hub and I relaxing, the kid looking for shells and momma, well, momma is just hangin'. Of course, I’ll have more to post later. We're on a phone line here, major s-l-o-w ! Pictures are taking way too long to download.


Cathy said...

What a beautiful photo Rosa!! I'm not even a big fan of the beach, but that is amazing - what gorgeous colors!

chaindropz said...

From the 19th to 24th we were at Orange Beach. We ate at Lester's, LULU'S, Live Bait, and Lambert's We had an L of a time watching softball turnaments. I posted some Pic's of the area. I also found Chris Palmers Pic's to be very good. I did not have your beautiful view.



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