Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Testing All Recipes

Ruth, over at Once Upon A Feast, is writing a cookbook with recipes that have been passed down by her grandmother. She was asking for people to test some of these old recipes, so I volunteered. (I sure am glad I did!!) I haven't been cooking as much this past week (see post below), but tonight I am finally getting around to making her Best BBQ Chicken and Ribs Ever.

Here are some of the ingredients, but I can't tell you all of them--Ruth would have to shoot me. It's fairly simple and it smells so good while the sauce is cooking on the stove but it smells even better once it's in the oven. I haven't made BBQ sauce in years, so this is quite a treat. This sauce is so good, nice and thick and chunky with onions. I put mine on chicken, but I bet it's really good on ribs too--on the grill would be even better! Yum. I give it my two-thumbs up (if I had more thumbs, they'd be up too!). Very, very good. Even the hub and teenager loved it. Each of them had two huge breasts. (I used a little extra for dipping, it's that good!) The kid is not one for BBQ, oh well. Such is life with more than one kid. His loss.

She also gave me a recipe for Potato Latkes which I hope to try tomorrow night. I love those little buggers but I've never really had a recipe, per se, for them. I look forward to tasting them.

What fun it will be when she publishes her book and I can buy a copy and try more of her "home cooking." If you're interested in helping her out, you can click on her link above and email her. She'll send you several to try and get back to her. How fun is this??


Ruth said...

Rosa, thanks for all the kind words. Glad you liked it and the photos look awesome.

Now that I'm on the South Beach Diet, it will be a while before adding that back into my menu.

ann said...

these look good to me! you'll send me the full recipe won't you? pleeeeeaaasssseeeee?



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