Friday, March 03, 2006

Loving These Photos

I found her blog somehow. I don't remember quite how. Perhaps I did a search on Blogger for photographers. Since photography runs in my family and I've seen my share, smelled my share and did my share, I hardly ever find anything new that catches my eye and holds my interest. Her photography did, straight away.

When I found Trish Tunney's "I Was Just Thinking . . ." earlier this year, I was excited to see some good stuff. Her blog then led me to her website; and I have to say, I am just loving her work. I admit, I "peek" in to her blog almost every day to see if there is anything new posted. I was in for a treat tonight--a brand new photo, which I absolutely love.

This new photograph is entitled "Warehouse Cathedral." If you look at some of her photographs, it's amazing how you first see one thing, look longer and you'll notice it's something totally different. Now, that's art--a piece that draws you in to look closer, makes you want to figure it out. Take her "Warehouse" photo for instance. When I first looked at it, I thought, "Wow, look at how the layers of paint are peeling away to show a painting of clouds behind it." Then I kept looking. Then I blew it up for a closer look. "Those are real clouds behind broken windows, neat." I then began to notice the graffiti, the cracks in the panes, the different colored glass, all of which added a whole other dimension. I am sure this photo is amazing in person.

If you look at some of her other photographs like Birds and Mission, SF, you can really see my point. Some of her photos are more like surrealist paintings than photographs. It takes such a keen eye to see art in the places that we pass every day--to look at it and to see it differently. Most of us haven't got a clue, we're in too much of a hurry, we don't stop and truly look at what's around us and see the beauty, the art--we don't appreciate it.

It's people like Trish that show it to us. We're fortunate to have artists to put things in a different perspective. I'm glad she has that eye and shares it in her photographs for all to see. We would miss out on so much beauty if it weren't for people like her who call it to our attention by photographing it, drawing it, painting it, writing about it or even singing about it. They give us another way to look at the beauty, to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. It's truly a gift that they give to us.

Thank you, Trish.


trish tunney said...

Wow Rosa, Thank you for the post!!

You rock!

John Ivey said...

Great post! You convey your feelings well.

And Trish thinks you rock!



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