Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Potato Latkes ala Ruth

For dinner, as promised, I made Ruth's Potato Latkes. This must be one from her grandmother because it is time consuming. I can't even imagine making these without the use of a cuisinart! I had the darndest time with mine this evening. It's getting up there in years, bought it before I was married. Things are starting to break off the top piece, giggle. Anyway, after cursing it a few times and "tinkering" with it (got that from my dad--he tinkered with everything), I finally got it to finish my potatoes. Like I said, I can't even imagine grating them by hand. It was bad enough having to peel them by hand--grin.

Again the recipe was very good. Don't think I would take the time to make them for my kids again though. They would be excellent for a get-together, say a brunch or something. Also would be good served with sour cream, which I didn't have. Tonight, I served them as a side to kielbasa. Everyone really enjoyed them.

I did learn a few things about grated potatoes. They turn red if you let them sit out (you know, while you work on your cuisinart). Is that the starch? I'll have to ask Ruth. Of course, Ruth had a notation on the side of the recipe to soak them in water while you're grating more (or doing repair work). I also learned there is a lot of moisture in those potatoes, duh. I know I've grated potatoes before, but maybe because I was side tracked for a rather large bit of time, the moisture was able to pool at the bottom of the bowl. At any rate, make sure you squeeze the moisture out and get rid of it all before you use them for latkes. Again, all in Ruth's notes--if I'd only read it more closely. I think Ruth's cookbook will be wonderful if these two recipes are like her many others.

Ruth says she's still looking for "recipe testers." So, if you're interested in trying out some new recipes and helping a cook-in-need, go to her blog above. I'm sure she'd appreciate it and it's fun to try new things too!


Ruth said...

Thanks for posting about the latkes. I don't make them very often either - too much work. But when I do, everyone I know seems to want to come over and eat! Problem is, they're stealing them hot off the pan and I have to make tons to get any to the table.

Like you, I can't imagine doing this by hand. My mom used to do 10 pounds worth at a time - YIKES

Again, thanks for testing, thanks for sharing and thanks for passing on the word to other potential testers.

Debra said...

I love latkes!! When you grate them, grate them into acidified water (water with a little lemon juice in it). That keeps it from turning color and rinses some of the starch off.

I make latkes from hand (no cuisinart) several times a year (atleast every December, it's a holiday food for me). With sour cream and applesauce.

Rayna Gilman had a great recipe for these last December:

Rosa said...

Debra: I can't even imagine making them by hand. Wow. I'm impressed. I love them either way, of course. Thanks for stopping by!



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