Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bound & Durable for Generations to Come

I received my box from Paper Source today!! Did I say what a wonderful store that was??? Their motto is "Do something creative every day." Not a bad idea. I had the best sales person help me over the phone. I need to get a letter off to someone about how wonderful she was.

Since my main reason for blogging is to pass a journal-of-sorts on to the kids, I've been looking into some type of archival book to put these posts in. Of course, I went right to Paper Source. I first went online to see what type of binding supplies they have. When I was in their store in Georgetown, I couldn't help but salivate over all the bookbinding materials they had--and I mean bookbinding in the true sense of the word. They carry the cover cloth, the page paper, the thread--everything you would need to bind your own book. I thought this over; and although I do want to do this one day, I don't think I should jump into a project of that magnitude until after taking a class of some sort. And so, I began looking at their albums. I found the correct size book I needed that would allow me to print out my posts on 8 1/2 x 11 stock paper. The book I chose, the Calvin Portfolio by KOLO, has plastic sleeves that I can slip my pages into and keep them fresh from the boys' greasy fingers for years to come--all acid free and archival quality.

With the help of their fabulous customer service department, I ordered the black linen album with two sets of refills, totaling 30 sleeves. I also had to order extender posts enabling me to fit the extra pages in. It all worked beautifully.

Today, my chore was to copy my posts to Word--one by one--and then print them. And that is just what I did.

The kid is so proud of the first volume; the teenager couldn't care less, of course. Perhaps generations from now, there will be a use for one of my recipes or just a wanting to look back and read some entries. It's there for the asking.


John Ivey said...

Pretty darn cool!

Shell said...

Y'know..I think we're kindred spirits..we go crazy over the same things! I LOVE paper. Do you scrapbook? I don't yet, but I want to..need to.

My grandmother left over 12 journals to her family. I got one of them. Its so enjoyable to "visit" with my beloved granmother through her journals and share with her what was important to her. Its like she never left us.

Rosa said...

Shelley: How wonderful of your grandmother! What a precious gift.

Yes, I have several scrapbooks started. One for the teenager (only up to his first birthday), haven't started one on the kid yet (he's 12!), one for vactations (one vacaction in there), etc. So you see, I'm very sporadic!

I have a table set up with all the photos waiting and everything. I enjoy it once I start--it's just starting that's the prob!! See my post:

shoofly said...

i love paper source, too...and i live in dc, so i get to hang out at their georgetown location and drool over the paper and stuff...yum!

Rosa said...

Lucky you in DC. Isn't that the best store!
Stopped by your blog and love your style on Roxy! Great story too!



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