Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday's Favorite Corner

Ok, ok, I know I'm being silly. But I've seen these favorite corner posts, especially from UK blogs, and I just have to jump on board. My house is my sanctuary and I decorate in my own "sentimental" way. I put out items that mean something to me and my loved ones. I couldn't dare have a decorator come into my house and tell me what to put where. It's my home and I don't care if other people like my taste or not! (Probably not.) I do have to admit, however, I did have a "window" lady come in and help me with my kitchen window treatments. I'm almost clueless when it comes to windows. I prefer just some old blinds or shutters, maybe a wooden cornice, that's it. So, yes girls and boys, I broke down and hired someone to do those windows. I chose the fabrics and style I wanted for each (a little off the wall, of course) but they did all the work. And I think I may just have to go into that profession. KA-CHING! Major KA-CHING! Wow. Will never tell the hub how much I spent on those! Ouch. (I'll have to share a pic of those in another FFC post--tease.)

Anyway, back to this favorite corner thing. I just love admiring other people's "corners." Their style says so much about them. I can tell if I like a person right away by looking at their "corners." grin. So, I thought I'd start my own corner thing and call it "Friday's Favorite Corner" if only for my own amusement. I have so many special places in my house, this should last for a while. It also may just motivate to get cracking on those corners that need attention, like my bedroom! I've been saying that I'm going to paint it for over a year and a half. Even have all the yellow color swatches on the walls to prove it. So, perhaps now that the weather is warm, I can spring open all the doors and windows and get moving on that "little" project. Better get going before the hub leaves for strange comers of the world. Hey, there's an idea, "Hub's Strange Corner of the World" pics. Ya think the hub would take a pic of some odd-ball place along his travels. I don't think so. Nevermind.

This "corner" is my living room. We definitely need more bookshelves in this house because the hub and the teenager are major book worms. You say, "Do you have to keep every book they read?" Well no, but I do, most of them any way. They read such intellectual stuff. (Me, it's more arty books with lots of pictures--smile.) Our old house in Virginia had a "library," so to speak, with bookshelves from floor to ceiling on one entire side of the room. Needless to say, most of those books are still boxed up in the basement. I always paint the back wall of my bookshelves a deep red. I've been doing this since we were first married and lived on one floor "flat" of an old Victorian row house in Georgetown. (I had to pay extra when we moved out to have it painted over!) I know all the books and junk I put in front of it masks the color, but it still makes a difference to me. I know it's there, anyway. And then, my other favorite color is green, at the time, it's sage green. My tastes have changed over the years as to which shade I use as an accent wall. Our first house had a deep teal wall in the dining room and "Ming" red in the living room. They accentuated each other perfectly. My last house was toned down a bit, being a more traditional home. I moved to a lighter shade of sage. Since my old beat-up sofa has the same colors, I carried on that color scheme down to Tennessee.

You can see, I do put out a lot of "things & stuff" (as the hub has so affectionately named it). I can give you a story on each piece if you like, but I won't. But, to begin with, my little oil painting we picked up at a starving artists' show is one of my favorites only because it looks like my niece when she was a little girl. I had to have it.

And then I have my favorite piece of pottery. I purchased this a couple year's back at the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists' (TACA) show at Centennial Park. I was not only drawn in by the house and its textures and colors, but the words stamped into the clay, "Take me and that oak and a house you will see." I tried to find some information on the artist, but I couldn't find a thing under "Lima Bean Studio" which is stamped on the bottom. Sorry.

My other favorite little painting is an acrylic painting entitled "Ladies with Red Hats" by Sharon. I picked this up at a favorite little garden shop in Franklin, Garden Delights. Gee, these artists are hard to track down. Steve (master of flowers from Garden Delights), told me that her name is Sharon Fletcher. She is from Ottawa and she lives near a nunnery--which she gathers a lot of her "faces" from. But, I can't find a thing on her on the www. Oh well, again, sorry. But this little painting reminds me of my mom. I just had to buy it and put it up somewhere I could enjoy it each time I passed by. The other little piece is an enameled painting. It was my favorite aunt' and I received it when she passed away. It is so special to me in that sense alone. And it's a very pretty picture. Then some misc. eggs. The large pysanky is not one of my own creations, for sure. I don't have the time or patience to do one that large. The light blue one is mine. I found the little speckled eggs last year in Georgetown at Paper Source. (I'll tell you more about that store later in another post. I have some goodies ordered from them, oooh.) Do check out their website though if you don't have one of their stores locally. Of course, I don't. So I either have to shop online or when I get back to DC.

So, there it is. My first Friday's Favorite Corner. And, this is the one that motivated me to start: Posy's. Perhaps you'll join me in this little adventure. If you do, please let me know so I come and take a peek!!

A great weekend to all!!

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