Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mixin' of the Leaves

Several months ago, I ran out of my favorite tea which I had bought in London our last trip. I had almost forgotten about it as I've been on a coffee kick lately. But the other day, after it turned back to being chilly, I grabbed the tin to make me a cup. How saddened I was when there wasn't enough for even a single cup. This time, I kept the tin out to remind myself that I needed to get the ol' science lab out.

Finally, on Thursday, I took the tin to our local tea merchant and asked if they could help me with some teas that would compare with my favorite "Afternoon Tea." The tin said it consisted of African and Ceylon teas, and so that is where we started.

I'm still fiddling around with the quantities. It's not as good as my original, but it's not bad either

Again, I think I may just have to concoct a trip to London to gather some supplies I'm running low on!


Peggy said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. I have spent a nice afternoon reading your archives and enjoyed every post! Will be back to visit you often.. thanks again

Rosa said...

Thanks Peggy! I can't wait to hear all about Ms. Diva, your milking goat!!



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