Saturday, March 04, 2006

That's the Worst Looking Pig Sty I Have Ever Seen

I am like totally exhausted. I've been cracking the whip all day. It's tiring whipping that thing around, let me tell you. The boys' rooms are absolute PIG STYES--and I know pig styes! As Bill Cosby says, "My mother was an authority on pig styes." All moms are. Well, I took it as long as I could without making them clean their rooms. (You'd think if you couldn't get to your bed, you'd take a little No.) I just couldn't stand it any more. Every time I went into the teenager's room--which I try and avoid--I would almost have an asthma attack (if I had asthma, I would have had an attack). There was so much dust in there.....well, never mind. Just take my word for it, there was a lot of dust in there. The kid's room is a whole other kind of mess. Millions of tiny little pieces of "things" scattered all over, hardly a path to get in and out. I always let their rooms go longer than I should before the boiling point. Today, it got pretty darn hot in here.

As soon as they got up, I started barking orders. The kid was on his own today. I can't even go into his room until he puts some of that stuff away. If he wants a million little pieces and things, then he's going to have to take those million pieces and things and find a place for them before I even step foot in there. Over the years, knowing the way he is, I have purchased more than my share of containers to put those million pieces into. Do you think he uses them? Of course not. It's way too hard to put something away once you're done with it, right?

So, I decided I would "supervise" the teenager in "cleaning" his room. (I don't think those two words should be in the same sentence--clean teenager--an oxymoron if I ever did hear one.) Supervise, yea right. Who was I kidding? I should just go ahead and say I cleaned his room. He just moved everything around, of course, after I told him where to move it. I made him remove his bed frame. No bed frame/no junk under the bed, right? Am I smart or what? He was pretty steamed that I made him remove everything off his desk and chest of drawers and put it all away, better yet, throw it away. I vacuumed like I've never vacuumed before. (If I had my way, I'd do away with all wall-to-wall carpeting. It's just a major dust trap. I'm planning on pulling the carpet up in my bedroom and replacing it with hard-wood floors. I have major allergies, so it's a necessity, right? hehe.) I dusted places I've never dusted before. And, since we had every piece of furniture already moved, I thought the bed would look better moved in between the windows. You know moms, can't just leave well enough alone. Even got the hub in on the act. We were stirring it up like you don't even know. But, wow, what a difference.

I know the teenager will sleep better tonight. Hey a kazillion less dust mites should help. Don't you just love going to bed in clean sheets and a freshly aired room? I sure do. He probably won't even notice the difference. Teenagers.

Before AND After

Tomorrow, on to bigger and better battles. Dun Dun Dun.....the KID'S room!


John Ivey said...

I made out like bandit when I was a kid. Mom always cleaned up behind me. But in retrospect, she was doing me a disservice in the long run. By cleaning up and doing my laundry, etc., I was poorly equipped to take care of myself when I moved out.

So kick ass, Rosa!

DC Food Blog said...

My mother came into my room one time with a broom and swirled it around like some crazy witchy anti-Martha sweeping every surface onto the floor. Books, toy cars, cups (empty, thank goodness) cassette tapes (remember those?), papers, games, etc. . .nothing was spared. I had to clean then because it was literally a big ol' mess in the middle of the floor. I sometimes think I need to do it again.

Raphael, France. said...

WOW what a shock to see the "before" and the "after".... Well Done!!

Rosa said...

DC: I like that anti-Martha, witchy broom swing thing. I'll have to remember that. Too funny.

Ruth said...

LOL - my girls are all grown up now, but this vividly brought back visions of teenage filth.

I finally decided to just close the doors to their rooms and pretend they didn't exist!

My mom, on the other hand, would do the crazy witchy thing and freak us out!

Thanks for sharing.

Rosa said...

Ruth: I've kept the doors shut since Christmas!! But, I couldn't stand it anymore!! (In fact, it was the teenager who started it all by back talking me....dun dun dun....ok, punishment No. 1, clean room! The kid had no where to run. ha. Now they're both happy as can be with the results. Go figure.



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