Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Not a Care in the World

It's getting prettier and prettier each day we're here. The weather is still breezy and in the low 70s--a tad warmer than yesterday. What more could you ask for? Mom finally came out to the beach and was nice and toasty. Yea! I've felt so bad about her having to stay in, but now she's out and about. Is everybody happy?

Drove the teenagers over to Orange. They are in search of teenage girls. Guess there are none over here in Gulf Shores. They crack me up. Well, that trip was useless. None were found and they seemed glad to get back to our little neck of the woods. They go out, play Frisbee for an hour, come in. Go out, play Frisbee for an hour, come in. Do they think girls will come to them? Maybe I should do a little explaining about girls, the teenage variety especially. haha.

We had lunch at the Shrimp Basket today; and three out of four of us ordered just that. Last night we went next door to Bahama Bob's. The hub ordered his usual steamed crab legs and I got the steamed Royal Reds, the local Gulf shrimp here. Oh my. Heaven. They were so good. Served completely whole, the kid got a little grossed out when he pulled a head off and saw the contents. Why do kids have to look?? Funny.

This morning, while it was still quiet out, I noticed a woman, alone, walking down by the shoreline. I looked and thought, this is my kinda woman. She had her little yoga mat tied to her back ready for any moment that she felt like sitting for a spell. Didn't seem to have a care in the world. I guess the beach does that to us. What a wonderful feeling.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I hope your having nice holidays and that you are enjoying yourselves!

Gulf shores seems to be a very beautiful and calm place; perfect...

raphael, France. said...

Looooooks so Good!!! I hope you are having a lot of fun!! The place looks awesome!
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

See you soon!

Mary Jane said...

I know that you are having a divine time. Glad to see that Mom is out and about. I wish I was there will all of you. I'm enjoying reading your daily posts, Rosa.
your Sista in law
Mary Jane



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