Monday, March 06, 2006

Pig Sty, Part II

It took two days longer than expected, but it's done. The kid's room is finished. Clean. Straight. Organized.....well, mostly. Don't tell anyone, but a lot of junk is still in the closet. (shhhhh)

He's a slow worker, that kid. He worked Saturday and Sunday before I would enter it on Monday. D-Day. Thank goodness for my mom. She's a real motivator. No excuses, just get down on hands and knees and do. Done.

Some things are still airing out on the top deck, but you can see the BIG difference, eh? Boy, am I glad that job is done.

Now, if someone visits, I'll only have the two closets to conquer. Hey, why do you think they have doors?

Items Banned from Kid's Room:
Tape, of any sort
Tools, of any sort
Batteries, of any sort
Remote-controlled Toys, of any sort

Before AND After

Now, it's time for a nice hot shower. Then, I think I may make something blueberryish--I'm having a craving. The hub is out of town so there's no need to cook dinner tonight. Is that Wolfgang Puck calling us over?? Do I hear "Four Cheese Pizza?"

Oh yea, a little postscript: Our little local gal from Brentwood, TN, got the Academy Award for Best Actess last night. How fun is that! I'll have to get a paper and see what all the buzz is today in our little Nashvul.


Bud said...

I'm glad she won. Is the room still straightened, or is it a disaster zone already?

Rosa said...

Bud: Still pretty good, one day in. But, I did find the phone cord under the kid's bed, he has moved his chair into the rec room and his homework books are scattered all over his floor. There's no hope there. Regarding the teenager's, he has clean (at least) clothes on his chairs (not the floor) and that's about the worst of it. So far, so good.

John Ivey said...

Is in Reese Witherspoon that you speak of? She is good. I saw her first in Freeway, a modern-day version of Little Red Riding Hood. You probably would not like it. It has Kiefer Sutherland playing the bad guy.



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