Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Whenever this journal gets pulled out, the babies know we're heading out of town. It's the "babysitter's book." I've had it since Rootie was a puppy, over ten years. It's fun to go back and look at all the animals we've had in that time, and housesitters too--all the little notes back and forth. I need to get that going tonight and start writing down all the kritters' routines and also the house's routine for the new sitter. That's my chore for this evening. I doubt I get very far.

I did get a lot done today though. There are piles beginning to form everywhere. All of my favorite "relaxing" things are showing up in various places. It's nice being able to drive down to the shore so we (I) can take more of our (my) creature comforts. I always hate flying and having to "monitor" my packing. We do have seven passengers traveling with us this time, so things may have to be put back at the last moment if there's not room in the car--been there, did that, last year! We'll see. Since our cars are small (and old), we rent a van of some sort. They always "upgrade" (yea right) us to a SUV, which I absolutely despise. I have called them three times already to make sure there will be a mini-van this time. They assure me there will be.

Mom's bag is packed and ready to go--she's the type that starts packing a month before the trip, Ms. Organized. She is becoming more in tune with our laid-back lifestyle though, packing three days before is a record for her! I began gathering my things today too and putting them on the bed--that way I can't go to bed until they're packed! Gave the teenager his bag to pack (this should be funny). Haven't thought about the kid yet. He will be the last one I do. The hub just got back from a trip so his bag is already there by the door. The most important things are in there already. PJs, swimsuit, tshirts, etc. Most will have to wait until the day of--toothbrush, hair utilities, everyday stuff, you know the junk.

I have my vanity top chock full of my goodies that I love using at the beach. My good ol' friend Tom, who happens to be a hairdresser in DC (at Christophe's no less--yes the same as in "Clinton Jams LA Airport to Get Haircut" Christophe, just a different coast), turned me on to Phytologie's Huile D'ales. I've always used Phytologie's shampoos and conditioners, but I had never tried any of their deep treatments, afraid of oiliness. This is what Tom told me when I had inquired as to what on earth he used on me at the salon. He cracks me up ........
I usually put the oil in a small bottle after opening the vials, as they're sharp and unwieldy. You break one end off with a Kleenex, then the other. Once the second end is off have your little bottle ready to receive, or you're Johnny-on-the-spot, either spilling it or forced to hastily and sloppily use the entire thing. Use as a pre-shampoo treatment with or without heat. [Forget about the stupid little spray applicator bottle that comes with -- it clogs immediately and is useless. Either throw it away, or give it to a hamster who might be in need of a tiny spray bottle.] Rub a small amount between your hands and apply it sparingly and evenly to dry ends and mid-lengths and avoid the root area unless you're dry there or have a dry or peeling scalp (use fingertips to put it on the scalp). Optimal use: When you're at the beach or poolside, sitting in the sun. It also mixes directly into hair color before applying and, as a water-soluble oil, doesn't interfere with chemical processes. The vials contain 30% oil, and I'm not sure if it has any lavender in it. I think it's sage, rosemary and juniper.
And, so I do as Tom says. I put it on before a day at the beach and leave it on all day. When I come in for my afternoon shower, my hair comes out so nice and soft. The smell is absolutely heavenly. To me, it smells of lavender, but Tom says he doesn't think so. Whatever the case, it is luscious. Most of my creature comforts are hair related. I have longish, thick curly hair, so it tends to go a little wild in the humidity. So I take all kinds of shampoos and conditioners. Also getting packed, of course, is my facial routine. Kiehls' Cucumber Toner and Le Mer Moisturizing Lotion. I can live without almost everything else, but don't take away my Kiehls and Le Mer! Well, I do need my Clinique mild little soap, but that's it, really (kinda). As I've gotten older (ouch), my face is so sensitive to everything. I have rosacea which is a major pain, but those three products are the only ones that tone down the redness and keep the skin calmed. I'm totally addicted. One of my other favorite face things is Trish McEvoy's Luxe Eye Makeup Remover (which I couldn't find online--only gentle stuff??). It is so soft on the eyes. Half the time, I don't even use a tissue, it dissolves that easily and quickly for under-eye mascara mornings--a necessity for a vacation! The bronzer is a must too. Don't want to look "too" red! Another little good thing I do is take my Burt's Bees Foot Cream down to the beach with me. Once my feet get sand on them, I rub some in which both exfoliates that old winter skin off the feet and also moisturizes while you sitting in the sun. Very scrumptious. You'll think you're sitting next to a big ol' pina colada--which is not a bad thing at all. I always take lots and lots of body creams, samples and new stuff I haven't tried and the ol' true and blue Kneipp's. (I hear they won't be distributing it in the U.S. any longer; so if you see it, snatch it up while you can!!) Can never have too much moisturizer at the beach. Of course, candles are always packed and taken where ever I go, that's a given. I have my favorite votives that I buy at Kandle Kitchen in Franklin and I have lovingly named "angel wings." (You see, I really do rename everything!! It's really called White Dove, but who cares, right?) It has the prettiest, cleanest smell. As always, as much little Molton Brown samples that I can jam into a bag, oh yea and a lavender mist to spray the bedrooms at night. I am crazy with anticipation just thinking about it all!!

I have my miscellany of reading materials ready--my mags (which I've gone overboard on, as usual), my newspaper catch-up, my cookbooks, and catalogs. Of course, I throw in those books I've been meaning to read or even start, the ones I bought this winter, the one the hub suggested and several others I like to look over time and again.

Did I tell you that pile was growing in the kitchen? Look at it now.

You just wait until I hit Costo's!! Maybe I can tie a teenager or two to the roof, ya think?

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Ruth said...

Loved the post! Have a great time and hopefully you can take all your "stuff" AND the kids don't have to be strapped to the roof.

Thanks for sharing.



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