Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday's Favorite Corner

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist this as being today's favorite "corner." Yes, indeed, the minivan came in as promised this time. Yahoo. I can't even begin to tell you how much room these suckers have. No wonder they're so popular (I still hate them though--evil grin). Poor Rootie thinks she's going. The cats have been in and out of the van too. I wonder what they're thinking.

Mostly all packed. All we have to put in the van are our bags and ourselves. The kid is down one sandal so far and I doubt the teenager has even begun to pack--Lord knows what he will be missing. This is why I say, "Don't wait to pack, chillins, get it done so we can see what's needed." Do they ever listen to their mother? I think not.

One extra teenager has arrived, one is MIA having to turn around half way here to walk back home to get his "shaving kit" in which he forgot. It's a wonder these guys make it anywhere in one piece. They crack me up. One mother has already called to say that her son has to come back home to finish his part of the laundry. (ouch) Guess she's holding him to the fire if he wants to go to the beach with us. Poor guy. But it does make for lessons learned. I do admire that. (Hey, I did call the teenager down to the kitchen today to clean up his egg shells from lunch today. He just cracks the egg and leaves them sitting in the sink. Hey, a little extra effort in getting them down the garbage disposal, please. How hard is that????!! Talk about LA-ZEE!)

And so, my last post until I get to the B-E-A-C-H !!! The hub always takes his laptop (Lord forbid he misses any work being done), so I'll have that to write some posts. Since this is my family's journal, I think I better write things while they're fresh in my head. I do forget so much these days. Yuk.

So, tootles for now. Will post some beautiful photos for you all to enjoy!!

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Peggy said...

have fun! thanks for stopping by to wish me a happy birthday



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