Friday, March 31, 2006

Homeward Bound

Tonight's our last night. Kinda sad but kinda happy. I will miss the beach, but I'll be glad to get home to my other babies. Isn't it nice to have someone waiting at home for you? Everyone has had a wonderful time but I think it's time to get momma home. She is especially ready. She was ready the first day. She misses her little dog, Frankie. Next time, we either bring the dog or she stays home. You'd think we'd left a baby at home all by itself--haha. Can you tell?

We've had our fill of shrimp and crab. The Royal Reds have been especially good this season. Think one of us has had them at least once a day. Yum. They're huge! Taste like you're eating big ol' chunks of lobster. How good is that! These were from Down Under Zeke's. We all shared these for lunch today. Our last hurrah. (The teenagers ate four pounds of them tonight--FOUR POUNDS!)

This was our lunch buddy yesterday at Bahama Bob's. Cute, no? They had pulled the plastic wind sheeting down because it was kind of cool and I don't think this little guy knew how to get out. Perhaps he really did like our company. He sat with us the entire time, no worries.

Some last pretties to enjoy from the kid.


Suanne said...

Wow! The prawns sure looks good!

Rosa said...

They were awesome!



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