Saturday, December 02, 2006

We Jinxed Them Raptors

I knew better. We should have stayed home. Every game we went to, they lost (the first two). Needless to say, they lost tonight. Pout. They were winning until we arrived, (see scoreboard above), I swear! We should have turned around once Smyrna made their first touchdown and left.

We're still proud of the boys though for going almost all the way. We still believe! (Our motto is "We Believe!")

Congrats to the Smyrna Bulldogs. (sniffle sniffle)


LADY LUXIE said...

ow'..I'm so sorry to hear that...but i love your bloggy'..and had a really nice them reading...thank you!

Shell said...

They're still winners! Good luck for them next year too.

PEA said...

They knew you were coming huh?? lol Just teasing xox What a bummer they didn't win but you have to be proud of them for coming so far!!

Beth said...

Oh,,our team lost too. Boo Hoo,,but hey,,,Our Titans rocked Baltimores A#$,,he he! Don't you just hate this cold weather? I liked last weeks weather and temps much better.
Happy Monday, Sweet Rosie!!!



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