Friday, December 15, 2006

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

On the Avenue, Fifth Avenue

Awww, New York City at Christmas! Does it get much better than this? This rather large snowflake marks the top of Fifth Avenue at Central Park. (Which reminds me, did you know they were turning MY Plaza Hotel into condos? Gee whiz, is nothing sacred?) Ok, now you HAVE to sing along with me to get in the mood . . .

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style.
In the air, there's a feeling of Christmas.
Children laughing, people passing, meeting smile after smile
and on every street corner you'll hear silver bells, silver bells.
It's Christmas time in the city.
Ring-a-ling, hear them sing.
Soon it will be Christmas day.
Strings of street lights, even stop lights blink a bright red and green.
As the shoppers rush home with their treasures . . .

Ok, enough singing. It was raining when we arrived early Wednesday morning--not that it put a damper on my adventures. Of course, it didn't. I was well armed with umbrella in tow. The hub was off to a business meeting as fast as you could say Jiminy Cricket but not before a speedy beeline to FAO "Showtz" (as the teenager always pronounced it). Looks like the latest thing there were these slippers that let you "glide" across carpet as if you were skating. We don't have a lot of carpet, so we passed on those. My favorite displays here are always the Lego figures. Here is Chewy, larger than life!

They had a special antique toy exhibit that I just adored. Here are a few of my favorite things in the antique/vintage room and beyond:

This was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up!

For the Paris Hiltons of the world!
Loved these little fellows!
And these too. The large marionette was at least 8 feet tall!

Now for some windows. Here's Bergdorf Goodman's windows. They all had a theme: enlighten, decorate, recollect, letter writing, etc. How fun! I loved all of them, but I fell in love with the brown and whites in the "decorate" window. The textures were amazing. I just wanted to jump in and waller in it all! Of course, you are welcomed to click on the icons to get a larger view!

Here are a few pics of Bergy's ornaments that my bud Natalie Sarabella makes. I was just salivating over them! I purchased a couple of her hand-made cards to give to my sister-in-law. While I was shopping, I was talking with a salesperson about what I was looking for. We had paused for a moment and I was looking in a display case and heard a woman's voice, "hello, how are you?" I didn't pay it any mind. The salesperson grabbed my hand and said "Oh, she looks very well, doesn't she?" I was like "Who?" "Mary Tyler Moore, she looks very well for her age, don't you think?" Well I missed the entire howdy doo exchange with my face up against the case of something I knew I could never afford! hehe. I did spy her later in the china/linen room and heard her say (she does have a very distinct voice, you know), "Oh, so-and-so would love this!" Love her! Yes, she is taller than I had thought and as thin as Audrey Hepburn in her tight little jeans. She seemed to be having a glorious time with a smile from ear to ear. You know, that beautiful full smile of hers.

After Bergdorf's, I mosied down Fifth hitting Tiffany's next. No, I didn't go in. We now have a Tiffany's here in little Nashvul, thank you very much. hehe. I wasn't impressed with their windows what-so-ever. More fluff than bling. If I'm looking at a Tiffany's window, I want to have to wear dark sunglasses (Audrey's, to be precise) so the shine doesn't blind me, ya know? The wreath around the door did more for me than the windows. This year, I noticed a lot more little strobe lights everywhere. They certainly got your attention mixed in with the little white lites. At any rate, here they are if you can even see any silver and diamonds through all the other stuff they put in there! Definitely need to hire a new window designer next year, if you ask me. Not that any one is, I'm afraid.
And, for all you Mac addicts, this is the new Apple flagship store. No wonder the area outside FAO Schwarz was such a mess last year! You take a glass elevator to the store below. I skipped this adventure after hearing it had broken down when it first opened trapping folks inside. No thank you.

I'll share more with you tomorrow! I'm exhausted. Going to hit the hay early tonight!! Glad to be home!! Hugs!!


Sue said...

What a lovely tour of NYC. How fun to see Mary Tyler Moore! I bet the store windows were amazing..
Thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

Rosie,,now girl you have got some wonderful pics on here of your trip. And to actually see Mary Tyler Moore, well, thats just something else. I am so glad you made it home ok. Hey,,is it really December? Whats up with this weather,,lol.

Janet said...

Fab photos!! How cool to have seen MTM in person. And those windows are so gorgeous! Love it all. Thanks for the's probably as close as I'll ever get to NYC!!

Connie and Rob said...

I just love the decorated windows. They used to do them quite often here in downtown St. Louis...Hopefully they will all pull together and be able to have a beautiful display.


Tammy said...

I hope you don't mind if I snitch the Chewy made of legos my grandson is a fan of Star Wars and legos...he's gonna love seeing it!!
I loved all of your pictures friend!!
Looks like you had a grand time!!

FarmgirlCyn said...

Sounds and looks like a fabulous time! I, too, loved My Favorite Martian'!!!

Naturegirl said...

Thank you for sharing New York at Christmas with us. I hope to visit some day! Happy holidays to you!

paris parfait said...

What fun! Lovely photos, you lucky girl!

PEA said...

Welcome home Rosa!! Everytime you come back from a trip and show us the photos, I want to go where you went! lol Wow, I would have so enjoyed that antique toy show, and just the whole atmosphere of all those shop windows and such!! To actually see Mary Tyler Moore awesome!! One of these days I would love to make it to NYC...I'm 6 hours from the border and just have to figure out how far NYC is from the Ontario/New York border!! Hugs xoxo

Natalie S. said...

Hey Girlfriend,
I can't believe you were in the City and didn't let me know.
I see you were there on Friday. I was at Bergdorfs on Saturday for a Personal Apperance/Ornament signing. Were you around?
We really do have to get our acts together and finally Meet.
Love you and have a wonderful Christmas, Natalie xoxox



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