Thursday, December 28, 2006

Writings, Rock and a Little Roll (and More Angels to Watch Over Us)

As you can see, my kitchen table is full of cards, envelopes, pictures and addresses, etc. Yep, it's that time of year for me -- New Year's cards. I don't stress out during Christmas trying to get them out but I sure do enjoy writing after Christmas so I can comment on what every one has been up to during the year. This year, I even took pics of the boys and mom to send out! I haven't done that since we first moved to Tennessee over five years ago! Folks will be amazed to see how big they have grown! It even amazes me when I look at the pictures myself. My babies. Pout.

My brother's gift(s) to me arrived today. We are both (actually, all of the siblings) are quite music oriented. If we don't play an instrument, we are enthralled in one type of music or another--an attribute from our dear mom and dad. Anyhoo, Jim (who picked my name for presents) sent me The Led Zeppelin four disk anthology! I am rockin', let me tell you! Hearing songs I haven't heard in many moons! My poor mom is below the stereo, and I'm sure she is wondering when I'm going to turn "that stuff off!" I may just have to move it over here to the computer and spare her. I am having way too much fun not to have it on! In addition to my Led Zeppelin, he also gave me Bruce Springsteen's box set! Woohoo. When we were growing up, I hit EVERY Springsteen concert within a three hour's drive. I must have seen him 10 times, at least, no kidding. (Led Zeppelin three times.) Truly thought I was going to marry the guy (Bruce, that is). That is, until the pre-hub stepped in from New Jersey instead--I got my Jersey boy in the end. My brother threw in a bonus disk also, the new Beatles compilation "Love" that was done for Cirque du Soleil and produced by George Martin and his son. I've heard several songs on the radio and have loved every one. Now, that's one trip I would visit Las Vegas for, just to see that show.

No on to the roll. Yesterday, the teenager was involved in a fender bender. Scared me to death. He was driving down the road and an older couple cut right in front of him. He didn't have time to stop and just broadsided them. No one was hurt, thank God. Both the hub and I arrived at the same time to sign off on the paramedics that he was fine. The old gentleman driver sure looked scared. He admitted it was his fault and was so glad the teen was ok. We are all fortunate. His wife was in the passenger's seat that got the most damage. They are so lucky a big ol' SUV wasn't barreling down the road. The teenager doesn't want to drive now. I think it really shook him up. Poor guy. It knocked both headlights out so the car will have to be in the shop as soon as the other insurance people agree to pay. I've been through that drill before. I've been hit twice since moving here. Both times, our insurance tries to push it through before the other folks agree to pay. Uh uh. Wasn't born yesterday. I can wait, thank you very much. I don't want this going on the teenager's record.

So folks, you see, it's been a busy couple of days. We are off to Lake Louise in Canada on Saturday; so I need to start compressing all that ski gear so it will fit in a suitcase! What fun. We will spend New Year's there and then were off to NY for Ukie Christmas on the 5th. We are truly in need of some snow, I tell ya!

We have more angels looking over us this week. Special prayers go out to my friend Pam who just lost her mom after a fifteen year fight with Alzheimers and to Mary Jane's daughter-in-law who just lost her father quite suddenly. More heartbreak, I'm afraid.


Janet said...

First, I'm glad your son is ok and the car is not badly damaged. Second, I'm so jealous!! Led Zeppelin is my all time favorite!! Bruce is right up there near the top, too! Could you turn it up a little so I can hear it out here in CA!!

Have fun in Canada!

Connie said...

I am so glad your son is okay. Poor kid...I would be nervous too.

Maybe after you all have a wonderful trip to Canada he will want to drive again. Don't get too wild on those ski

All the best to you. Happy New Year!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm glad to hear that no one was hurt in the accident. It must have felt scary for everyone!
One of my favorite vacations was at Lake Louise. It was autumn, there were colorful fall leaves on the trees and snow was everywhere. A beautiful combination!
I hope you all have a great time!

Paris Parfait said...

So glad your son wasn't hurt. And sorry to hear about Pam's mom and Mary Jane's daughter-in-law. Sad times.

The Led Zeppelin and Springsteen CDS sound spectacular! We are big fans of both in our house. I've seen Springsteen in concert twice in Paris.

Enjoy your ski holiday! Safe journey and Bonne Annee, mon cher ami! xo

Susie said...

Glad your son is just fine!! I'd much rather repair a car than have to fix even one thing on a child..
Have a wonderful getaway and take lots of pictures..

Tammy said...

Well, I'm glad to know your son is alright...not wanting to drive afterwards is very normal...I've done it, but he has to get back in the saddle so to speak and do it afraid as Joyce Meyers!!
Looks like a lovely place your going and I just know you'll get lots of good pictures to share!!
Happy New Year!!

Peggy said...

Glad your teen is okay. And I am again jealous of your travel plans! I love Lake Louise! I spent several days there in the 90's and loved every second. Take lots of photos so I can at least feel like I was there too. :)

Linda said...

My son, as a teenager, totalled not one, not two, but three cars. He wasn't allowed to drive for long periods between cars. I think they were all his fault. He still scares me to death when I'm with him in a car.



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