Sunday, April 22, 2007

What Was I Thinking??

Obviously, I wasn't. A year or so ago, I went to an Holiday open house. Of course I came home with all sorts of ideas I wouldn't "normally" do. Must have been the Holidays or something. The next time I want to do something non-traditional, please just sit me down and have a chat with me.

I have never been "into" window treatments and have always preferred just basic blinds with a valance or cornice. I like a little lace on some windows to soften the blinds; but other than that, I don't do much else. Now I remember why. It gets OLD!

Please note the eyelash and bead embellishments I added to my lace blinds in my family room after returning home from that above-mentioned Holiday open house. Of course, the hub was out of town and there was no one here to say "Whoa girl!" And, having never embellished blinds before, I went for the heavy-duty permanent glue. Wonderful. I loved it. I even "antiqued" the cornice a little. I was so very proud of my accomplishment--for about, say, six months. Then, dun dun dun, you know--out of date. These eyelashes and beads have been bugging me for the past year. Today, I did something about it. It was no less an operation, I tell you. (Folks, never--I repeat, NEVER!--use permanent anything when it comes to decorating. You WILL eventually change your mind on the look no matter how much you love it at first, trust me.)

I first began tugging the stuff off these gorgeous linen blinds that I had purchased from a now-defunct catalog (Rue de France). Then I thought I better not pull too hard and ruin the linen. I sat and thought and thought. I didn't want to put any chemicals on the fabric so I thought perhaps heating the glue would soften it enough to pull the two layers off (yes, I did the beaded seam first then the eyelash seam on top). It worked, pretty much. I still had to exacto knife some and use tweezers to pull the tough little buggers off, all with the precision of a brain surgeon. It worked pretty well. Although you can notice (well, me, I can notice) where it was, I doubt most won't see a thing. I have tried to cover it up with the little cornice that came with the wood Venetian blinds. I also moved the white cornices over here and put the faux ones on the other two doors. It works.

I like it. I like that clean look, again. I think after returning from Riverside and looking around my house, it seems a tad "cluttered" to say the least. I think this week, I'm going to try and de-clutter my family room. It's looking overdone to me. Every time I see some tchotchke I must have, it normally ends up in the family room. I think the bookshelves are a little overrun with "stuff." (hehe, Please don't notice the Wisemen still out!)

This is my chore this week. Spread the wealth to other places. I am very reluctant to take any of my prized possessions to Riverside, Lord forbid there is ever a hurricane that demolishes it; but I think I have room to move some of this stuff to other places in the house--can any one say "box it and put it away?"

The hub is out back barbecuing for the first time this year! Yea. He is making grilled chicken. I can smell it and my tummy is just growling! Yum!!


Susie said...

Taking off all the trim looks like a job and a half!!
Bet you're glad that's done!!!
It looks a little more like BBQ weather there than here. We've got sun, but lots of clouds and wind. Homemade chicken pot pie for us!!

Beth said...

You crack me up Girlfriend. I have dones things like that before, and then, a few months later, I am like "why did I do that" I bet it was tedious work pulling that eyelash stuff out. I have been de-cluttering for the past year, except in the Art room,,total clutter there. We worked out in the yard all week-end. Can you believe the difference a week made in the weather. Hugs to you Rosie,,,I will write you bout lunch this week.

cityfarmer said...

I adore how you captured the smoke from the grill...and your family room looks darn cozy

Janet said...

I did that with some lampshades! But I just threw them out and got new ones. I think the blinds would have been a different story though. They're beautiful! And I love your family room.

We had chicken too but not on the's been chilly and drizzly all day.

The Woman said...

You must have the patience of a saint! Definitely more patience than me! LOL

I don't like clutter either. I try to keep things plain and simple.

I can smell the bbq from here! Was the chicken tasty? MMM

Vallen said...

You are a role model. I would have just stopped looking at the shades and cried now and again.

"Early Bird" said...

Wow...I can smell that chicken...let's cut it up in strips and make some frajita's!!



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