Monday, April 23, 2007


You wouldn't really know it by looking at some of these pictures as I still have a LOT of stuff lying about. But, I can't tell you how much I put away. A lot! To me, anyway, it looks so much better. Phew! (PS, I may just haveto take this lamp down to Riverside. I'm liking the dragonfly theme there.)

I moved all my plants around so they can now enjoy the summer sun without getting burned up. I am amazed, there is absolutely nothing on my coffee table. I moved the copper tray over to the sofa table from there and now the coffee table is completely bare. Oh, I'm sure I'll find something to put on it. Perhaps a coffee table book or two? grin.

I transplanted my fountain from the kitchen to the corner of the family room and added some plants there and more "stuff" here and there. This is a straight shot from the front door and is very important for feng shui. I don't know why I chose what I did, but I'm sure with the water and plants, it has to be good. I'll look that one up later. (I have yet to post on feng shui. One day, I promise.) It sounds so nice in this spot as the trickling water echoes off the corners of the walls. I am able to do this only because Miss Bev is no longer with us and won't reek havoc on my display! I miss her shenanigans though. (Of course, we don't have any nests this year because she's not here. Last year, we had two or three at a time from April through to July; and she was on top of each and every one!)

Giggle, here's some more of that silly eyelash stuff I did along with the blinds. Lordy. I was on a tear, wasn't I? This doesn't bother me as much, as it looks more whimsical and minute. See Miss Bev's picture that my SIL Mary Jane sent me in memory of her? She was such a cutie. Just Friday, I received this memorial from our vets. I just cried. I tell you, lately, the floodgates have been open. I tear up at the slightest thing. I think my HRT needs'a'checkin'. Sniffle.

Here are the bookshelves. As I said, they probably look just as bad as when I started to you, but I guarantee, they aren't. I really did put a lot of stuff away, honest. Now, just don't open the cabinet doors beneath, or their may be trouble. But, no one needs to know that, now do they?

I even did a little rearranging in the study. I moved "grandpa" in there, the old crab that he is. He had quit working in the family room, and I never really liked where he was there anyway. I put him on top of my little secretary and he now refuses to work, again--what else is new? This was my mother's grandfather Dutch's. He was in the Civil War and returned shell shocked. He would always tell everyone to "Cover up those two old women. They keep looking at me." I suppose he was talking about the carvings at the top. Tonight, as I was coaxing him to work, I noticed some writing on the tin plate around the leveler at the bottom. I cannot, for the life of me, make it out. I need to take it to an Antiques Road Show. Wouldn't that be a hoot? But, anyway, he never started working for me tonight. He likes to be tilted to the front on his right side before he starts ticking. He absolutely drives me mad, the old coot!

The hub is in Texas, again; so I guess I'll head up to that great big bed and stretch out. I'm pooped!


weirdbunny said...

I love all the photo's of inside your house !! I'm a really nosey person so this tour of your stuff has been great !!!

Peggy said...

Can I hire you? I have a blog friend coming soon for a 3 day visit and I need to declutter badly! everything looks so perfect, you have that special touch.

The Woman said...

I think your house looks lovely. That dragonfly lamp is awesome! Is the old coot still not working this morning?

Sorry about Miss Bev.

Susie said...

My Grandfather clock is a bit fickle too, but it keeps on ticking. You've been so busy decluttering. Looks great to me!!

"Early Bird" said...

I just love your fountain...the little kitty cat perched on top is sure to bring good feng shway ;)
Sometimes we just need to cry, don't hold it in!
I'm here for you if you need me!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

ok, can I just have your house?LOL! Every photo I've ever seen shows a warm and welcoming home...with LOTS of room!! Even your back deck has a lovely view of trees!
YOu have that magic touch my dear!



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