Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday's Favorite Corner (Spot)

Artwork done by local artist Maggie Lindley

I've been a tad lackadaisical about posting while away on my Friday's Favorite Corners. I always say (to myself) I'm going to find some gorgeous spot on the beach for the "corner" but I never remember to, obviously. One day perhaps.

Today's spot is our "Hall of Fame." This is where the guest "quarters" are located on one side of the house. I have framed some of the children's artwork and put them up for all of us to enjoy. I need to get more frames as it's time to add some more. I just found a whole box of the teenager's artwork when he was in pre-school. Just adorable. The teenager never was into drawing much, whereas the kid, now that's a whole different story! I have so many more of the kid's artwork than the teenager's only because the kid can be prolific at times. He's more into building at this stage in his life though. Perhaps he will be an architect--that's what I'm pushing for anyhow! (A mom can dream, can't she??) Although, it was he teenager who won First Place for this little watercolor when he was in pre-school. Oooh, I've now forgot what he title it--something like "BUG". haha. I'll have to ask him and see if he remembers. He doesn't seem to forget a thing. (You see, I gave both kids MY memory when they were born!)

Here's a few more of my favorites from both children--not that I really have favorites, mind you. The last one is a classic (pre-) teenager drawing. All of his "people" had spiked hair and big eyes. All of them! Love it.The kid has always loved drawing (and admiring) buildings. Each year, when we would visit our family in NYC, he would always oogle over the World Trade Towers. Those were "his" buildings from a very early age. It broke his heart, in more ways than a thousand, when 9/11 happened. This drawing still makes me cry. (I'm almost balling now!!! ) He drew this in 1999/2000. It's almost eerie to me. He has other NYC landmarks in the drawing, but it's the church bells ringing that make me cry. (Top, right-hand corner.) Sniffle sniffle. (Ok, I can't even see the screen for tears.) Tissue time.

Sorry. Now I'm sad.



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