Friday, June 30, 2006


I am truly blessed by my family and friends. I received another box today. (It's like Christmas around here!) It is from my sweet friend Mrs. Staggs over in Merryville. Ooooh, I couldn't wait to open it! Look at the label!! A piece of art in itself (and I admit, I carefully cut it off the box so I can save it). P.S. Ivey is my maiden name; and look at the ivy draping the corner. You are too wise, Mrs. Staggs! See how pretty it's packaged? Not a movement in shipping. This is exactly how I found it when I opened the box. Beautiful, just beautiful!

Now, take a look at what sweet Lena sent me! She wrote that her and Miss Luna (her kitty) were sending well wishes to Miss Bev along with this adorable stuffed cat. Can you see the hand embroidered vintage (I'm sure) nappy it is made from? She's already on my bed waiting for me and the cats to crawl in next to her. I think she shall be named Miss Merry in honor of Mrs. Staggs and Miss Luna of Merryville.

Then, there were the lovely Cath Kitsdon (yes, CATH!) napkins. Where on earth in the U.S. did you find these, Lena? Or did you simply take a jaunt abroad while no one was looking? That Merryville sure is special place. Who doesn't LOVE Cath?? Lovely. I will save them for a pretty day with friends.

Lena also found a pretty bar of soap that was made just for me! It has my name on it and everything. Is that not the bestest? Yes, it's already in my bath waiting to be used. (Bad pic, I know, but nice soap, I know!) Look at the vintage postcard she turned into a card with just the use of photo corners. Oh, dear Mrs. Staggs, not only are you wise but oh-so creative too. How envious I am!

And so in return, I send to the lovely Mrs. Staggs in Merryville, via blog, this lovely bouquet of hydrangea straight from my garden. A lovely bouquet for a lovely person. Thank you, my dear friend. Thank you so very much for making my day so special.


Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm so happy to hear that your gift arrived safely and that you've enjoyed receiving it! You've been such a big part of making Merrville a fun place for me to visit these last few months. It's not everyone who would offer to break one out of jail you know! LOL! Thanks for everything!
Thank you for the oh so beautiful hydrangea too!

Anonymous said...

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clarice said...

Ohh how wonderful Mrs. Stagg's out did herself. It is always wonderful to get yummy mail. Clarice



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