Sunday, July 02, 2006

Is It a Bird, Is It a Plane . . . No It's . . .

. . . just eggs. Yep. More eggs. Do these finches ever stop? Oh my GAWD! The house is getting power washed next Thursday -- I THOUGHT it was safe! I really can't believe it. Is this the third or fourth nest that I've had to take under my wing and watch over?

Of course, Miss Bev is feeling better (thank goodness) and on to it. This one is on the top deck (again), which I like to let the cats onto so they don't get into much mischief. But now, I can't even do that--AGAIN! I'm going to have to sit these birds down and give them a little talking to about the "birds and the bees." I think they're all just "sleeping" together for the fun of it! My Lord.

Anyone out there know if I can safely move the fern to another spot while the house is getting cleaned? Will the momma come back after I move it and then put it back. Geesh. Little buggers.

P.S. The kid did capture the last babies leaving the nest on film. It was the day before we left for the beach. (I'll have to look and see how long it takes from hatching to flying.) Unfortunately, it's downloaded on the old laptop which doesn't want to turn on at the moment. I think it's rebelling because the hub isn't here. (You know these "male" machines, they don't like a lot of fluff on them--probably waiting until the hub gets home so he can delete all the girl stuff and put some numbers in there--bark bark.) (Hey, I'm about to rebel myself if he doesn't get his butt home soon--I'm growing weary!)


PEA said...

Hi Rosa:-) Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog...hopefully it won't be your last visit!! Of course, I just had to come and look at yours...I've read quite a few of your posts and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. May I add you to my Blogging Friends links? As for the question about moving the son Corey is home this weekend and is a Wildlife Biologist so I went to ask him...he said if you move the nest, the mother won't come back and the eggs won't survive without her nesting on them. You can take a chance, of course, but there's no guarantee. Hope this helps!!

Bud said...

Those little birds sure are proleffic aren't they.

Beth said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog. Hey cool on those Finch Eggs,,I have a tree full of them in the bag. To heck with those little sock feeders of thistle,,I had to get a laundry bag and fill it full. DH hangs up high in a trees and it soon is solid yellow with Finchies,,and the bag is empty within a week. We have all woods in the back yard.
Its nice meeting someone from Nashville. Love your blog!

trailbee said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. We loved visiting Nashville last year. You asked about the lines around the photos in my blog...I think they are part of the chosen format. This blog is really nice, especially the tea swap. It's my favorite drink, well, actually oolong is my favorite, especially iced with Splenda (I know, made with chlorine, who cares, I have to die sometime anyway). I shall return to read your archives!

Mrs. Staggs said...

This is a beautiful photograph Rosa!



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