Friday, July 28, 2006

Christmas in July

I have more goodies to share! It was like Christmas morning without the chaos. I slowly opened each box as if it were my birthday. Slowly and carefully, I unwrapped each precious item. After I started looking at everything, I couldn't help but wonder how much all these pieces have seen. They are from a town not too far from Normandy; and we all know what happened there. What was said while sipping coffee or tea out of these cups? How terrifying it must have been when the old clock chimed and war was raging not too far away. I love to think about such things. It's simply amazing to me that people lived through such horrific times--world wars raging in your own back yard. I can't even imagine. My heart goes out to all of those with wars in their lives as we speak. (Ok, off the soapbox....)

I really didn't know what I was getting. Raphi was "pretty" sure I was getting the flowered tea set but I wasn't certain it wasn't the Napoleon one. I am happy this is the one I got. This is the one I really wanted! It's a demitasse set of 12. Pretty petite brown flowers all around. Isn't it just lovely!

Here's the breakfast cups. I can't wait to have a cafe au lait in one on a cold morning. The blue one is a beautiful shade and looks older than the other two. Although, each is pretty in its own rite, I love the old blue one. The shape is so nice.

Also, won at auction were these pretty Japanese pieces--four tiny sake cups and a pretty tea cup and saucer. The blue is just brilliant!

But, these, no doubt, are my favorite pieces--a last-minute addition to my bidding from afar. These pieces (along with the clock) were not in the brochure. (Except the wash stand,which the hub wanted me to get. Uhhuh, it would have been an easy shipping without it and a whole lot cheaper!! But I love it, hub. Oh, yes I do!!) Raphi sent me pics of these piles that were just kind of sitting in a corner. I eyed the wash basin and the clock straight away. I had no idea the basin and pitcher had two other pieces with it. I think it may be quite rare to have a set like this. I have never seen one in the states. In addition to the basin and pitcher, it came with the soap dish (soap that Raphi sent me many, many years ago) and a small bowl, I'm assuming for shaving. The blue is a pretty blue and the floral motif is just magnificent. So very pretty.

Oh Raphi, I can't begin to tell you how special these pieces are. I know they are a part of your mother and your grandparents. I will cherish them dearly as they are now part of our family. Thank you for everything you did to get them over here! Geesh. It was worth the effort though. Not one piece was broken and I adore each and every item. Merci beaucoup! Merci, mon ami!


Mrs. Staggs said...

Wow, I can see why you were feeling anxious and excited about all these lovely things! How nice that they all arrived safely too. I like the pieces on the washstand the best. Especially the basin. What a great shape. It's all really beautiful though...lucky you!

cream said...

Rosa, you have a great blog here! I love your pictures and your layout! Beautiful!

Dizzy said...

What lovely pieces! I love the tea set, and the ... oh it’s all lovely. Well done you for winning in the auction.

I also like the paintings in your previous blog.

I think I will get my china out and start using it.

I love car boot sales and once bought a whole stall of bric a brac - 12 boxes in all (hubby wasn't happy!). I bought it with the intention of selling it on Ebay. I sold a few pieces and the rest is in the attic - I shall now get it out.

Thanks for the lovely message on my blog. I have only read a few of your messages and am addicted, I will be back to read them all!

Ps.. I now know how you found me - Thanks Cream.

Linda said...

Everything looks great. Maybe someday I can buy some more china. I love the stuff but tend to be rather ulitarian and seldom use anything but my usual. They have flea markets here. You have inspired me to have a look for something new.

plainandsimple said...

Hi Rosa

Thanks for visiting my blog! I also love the blue cafe au lait cup - it's very French! Lovely blog by the way - I shall visit regularly now I'm back from my hols.

paris parfait said...

Rosemary, these are all wonderful! Well done! So glad you had Raphi to assist, or you would have had to deal with the insane bureaucracy on the French end too. Thanks for posting the photos and entertaining us all with the long ordeal from auction to destination. :) I would imagine you're thinking it was all worth the wait. Certainly looks that way to me. xo

kansasrose said...

Beautiful pieces Rosa! I love them all...the tea set, the wash basin, the cafe au lait cups, paintings... I'm so happy for you! Your joy is contagious! Your blog is such a pleasure to visit...unpretencious and warm and friendly. You have great style!

Daisy Lupin said...

What fantastic items you got at the aution, I just love the flowered teaset. Love xx

PEA said...

Oh my, what absolutely LOVELY pieces!!! I can just picture your face when you were taking each item out of the box:-) You certainly have some treasures there that will bring you years of enjoyment to come!! Well done!

Just Expressing Myself said...

Beautifully done blog!
Thanks so much for popping by mine.
Have a fabulous Sunday,

Peggy said...

what beautiful items you have! I could just see them speaking history as I looked at them. They are in very good and loving hands with you.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What beautiful things you got! And there is that gorgeous blue cup again...Love That! Are youoriginal from the U.K.? I am new to your blog so I don't know your background but I'm going by the language usage---it doesn't sounf "American"...(lol) It is much much nicer!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pieces. Lucky you! I am especially fond of blue or brown transferware.




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