Tuesday, July 11, 2006

And the Saga Continues

Wow. Remember my items coming in from France? Geesh. That was HOW long ago? Our first dilemma was getting a crate made. Well, you know how fast they work in France, right? Poor Raphi. He has worked like a dog since I started this thing.

Ok, after that, it was shipping. Raphi checked with everyone high and low to get the best price. It still was AS much as the items themselves! (The first price was double what I finally ended up paying!!) Raphi worked for weeks trying to get the best price, and I know he did. (Thank you Raphi!) Ok. Fine.

The crate finally arrives (I think via First Class Air France--hehe) last week. I'm very excited. I needed a little lift-me-up. So, I had one of my son's friends spend the night with his truck so we could go pick it up. I spoke with the woman at the shipping company who received it and she sent me ALL this paperwork to fill out. You know, customs stuff. Some of it was a tad confusing, to say the least. She was telling me that the entry fee was $125. Ok, I thought this was the entry fee into the U.S. (Obviously, I've never done this before.) I finally felt overwhelmed and just put everything on hold until after the hub got home. Last week, I was a bit out of sorts, remember?

Today, I called the woman to get some more information on these forms. I find out that some of the paperwork I am filling out is enabling them to go through customs with my paperwork and then releasing my crate. All I ever had to do since it arrived was go over, pick up the paperwork which they had to fill out and take it to customs myself. I would then take the paperwork back and get my crate. Boom. That easy. The way she explained it to me last week was that I needed to give them power of attorney to take the paperwork over to Customs and then it would be released. Today, after hammering her with questions, it comes out that the $125 "entry free" was for THEM doing this out of convenience to me. I thought they HAD to do this. But no. This is how THEY make money off each item that comes through them. Scare tactics with all these garble about the post 9/11 customs' information act stuff. What a rip off. They try and confuse you with all their mumbo jumbo and all these forms. OOOh, it just irritates me to no end! This was another reason I was uptight last week. I was totally confused on all this paperwork they were having me fill out and get back to them. Now that the hub is home and I'm thinking straight, I finally figured out their little scam. (Raphi will love hearing this!!)

Now, I have to get the teenager's friend over again. Lord. Will it ever end? ha.

Just remind me to never ship anything from Europe of this size to me again, never....EV-VER!


Tammy said...

Wow...it all sounds like a headache...maybe some chocolate would be in order...let me know what is in this box...I'm kinda new here and maybe behind on the word!!!
tried to come on your blog earlier this afternoon and it kept kickin' me off...don't know what was going on...everyone else was working...glad I finally got through!

Linda said...

Yes, mailing anything from Europe can be very expensive. I mailed a t-shirt to a grandson from France and, although I had mailed it a month before his birthday, it was late. I don't which country held it up but I do think 5 weeks is a little long to get something mailed. I think they did better in the 1800's.

ms*robyn said...

oh my dear, dear Rosa - I received my package from you today and I am speechless - it was like being a little girl again - lots of gorgeous stuff -made my heart sing. I felt so special. the law says that everything you do in life comes back 3 fold *
you must have taken a second mortgage out for the postage though - sad that postage is so darn expensive between countries.
so, what is in this crate? can't wait to see pictures
blessings & bliss to you xoxo

paris parfait said...

Rosemary, this is so typical of a company trying to make money from someone's ignorance of the process. When a package is shipped from the US to France, here's what happens: French customs telephones me saying a package has arrived and the tax is x amount of euros (depending upon the item; some items aren't taxed) and am I willing to pay the French tax? I say yes, then they release it for delivery. The next day the delivery person arrives, takes ny cheque for the tax (or nothing, if no tax required), I sign a form and that's it. In London, I had two paintings shipped from Santa Fe. I had a choice of going to Heathrow to pick it up myself or paying a shipping company 50 pounds to bring it to me - which of course I did. I'm sorry you had this experience. But it is just outrageous how much it costs to ship things from France to the US. I've just mailed three small packages to the States and the cheapest one was 40 euros (nearly $50). So I know what you mean about the shipment costing as much if not more than the merchandise. Sigh. Can't wait to see the unveiling of your packing crate! :)

clarice said...

Yeah , I can get on your blog now. I have not been able to for a week. Well my goodness, I did not realize all that is involved in shipping something so large for Europe. I am not sure it is worth it. Well I can not wait to see what is inside !!! Clarice

M.E Ellis said...

Wow, scammers!


Peggy said...

Well there goes my theory of having me shipped to you next time you are out of the country. LOL Can't wait to see the photos of all your treasures.

PEA said...

I know, it's ridiculous how much it costs now to send or recieve out of the country. I have penpals all over the world and we used to exchange b'day and xmas gifts...now it's gotten way too expensive, the postage always costs more than the gift itself! It's awful how they can scam people too with the custom dues!

slap me happy said...

It is shocking isn't it. I am glad to be going over to teh Uk next month cause I can fill the suitcase instead of posting off christmas abd birthdays and baby arrival presents. It often cost me just as much to ship it off than it did to buy it. And you always worry till it arrives to. Dying to see the shipment pis now lol.



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