Thursday, July 20, 2006

Speaking of Cats

These are my relative cats. On the left there is Sunny. He's my cat-n-law. And on the right is Baby. She's my cat brutha (or I guess sista). They both took care of me while I was away from my babies, making sure I got my cat snuggles in.

Sunny lives with my sister-in-law, MJ. He's the sweetest kitty. I have a thing for orange tabbies anyway; and Sunny proves that marmalade kitties are the all-time bestest. (I have bad luck with mine, so I have been banned from getting any more. They all die horrible deaths....sniffle sniffle.) sunny's markings are extraordinary. I loved the ones on his head. Just beautiful. Sunny was on his way to deathrow, poor little boo, when MJ rescued him. He has been by her side ever since. And when I say side, I mean literally by her side! He follows her everywhere and seems to know exactly what she is saying to him. Sunny has a flatmate named Sammy. Poor Sammy must have smelled all my animals because she would not even come upstairs to investigate. MJ had to carry her up (once she found her--a day after I arrived!) and she was terrified of me. Poor girl. I'm sure she's glad I'm outta there! I miss Sunny and his sweet personality. My kitties don't rub up against me like Sunny did. MJ is lucky I wasn't driving this trip. She may have been down one kitty!

Now Baby is my brother John's cat. She is a sweety too. As soon as I arrived, she almost crawled into my bag on the floor. She marked it with her mouth right away! Now talk about rubbing! She rubbed up against me the whole time I was there visiting. Poor Baby looks like she's been around the block a few times, doesn't she? She too has a flatmate named Angel who was completely MIA while I was there. Isn't it funny how timid some cats can be? That was my Posey years ago. She would never come out to see who was visiting. She practically lived on our refrigerator when we lived in Falls Church. Poor ol' girl.
She just ran off one day. Guess she had enough of all of us. Anyway, Angel almost did get to come home with me. She followed me all the way to the door as I left, almost testing me to see if I would take her with me. I'm sure my brother would have not liked that!

Thanks guys, for making my stay a little easier by having kitties to take care of my kitty fixes.


John Ivey said...

As for Angel following you to the door, I would not have minded if she had tagged along. She could use a vacation from Baby as he intimidates her whenever he approaches. I believe he is looking for a playmate in Angel, but as he is twice her size she wants nothing to do with him. You should hear her hiss and growl when he tries to get her attention. Of course on the other hand it might be the big brother/little sister syndrome, and he is just picking on her. There's been more than one time when I've seen white hair in Baby's mouth, a probable indication that he has taken a nip at her. I don't suppose you can relate to that Rosemary, can you?

MJ said...

What great pics of good ole Sunny boy. He sure misses his Rosa. He told me that it was so nice to have her visit with us and give him lots and lots of attention. He instantly fell head over heals in love with Rosa upon her arrival. He is just the biggest lug ever. He too also tends to intimidate his sista, Sammie. I too have come home many times to find bits of fur scattered all thru the house (a true indication that he was bullying his sister around).....but I know they love each other. sure was a delight to have you stay with us while you were here. I know that it was a tough trip for you to make and I am just glad that we were able to spend some time together. I know how you must have felt leaving Fox Street behind....but may you always know that whenever you come back to visit this area that you will always be welcomed by me, Sunny and.....yes, Sammie. I love you like a Sista Rosa, and you are truly so very special. Many thanks for all of the nice things you bestowed upon me during your visit. I am looking forward to my visit with you in September.
Take care and thank you so much for the great pics of our boy Sunny. Both he and I send our love to you.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

All those cats are super cute! I also love Miss Bev sitting on the plate; great shot!!!...

Sue said...

Beautiful kitties. We had a male orange tabby that my hubby named L.C. (Last Cat) Thankfully, he was not!

mrspao said...

They are so gorgeous especially Sunny!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Awwwww.....I love cat pics.



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