Friday, July 21, 2006

Seasonal Swap

Ms*Robyn always puts together the best swaps. This seasonal one was for "goddess Pampering." My box arrived while I was in DC, so it was a pleasure to come home to such goodies!!

Peggy sent me the most wonderful things. The note she wrote brought tears to my eyes. She went for a picnic theme, so everything was in a lovely wicker hamper. When I opened the lid, the first thing I noticed was a beautiful vintage black, white and red checked table cloth. It was her mothers and it was used when she was a child when they went on picnics. Isn't that just the sweetest gift? Something so dear to your heart that you pass on for another to enjoy. I will cherish it always Peggy and will pass on the story as it moves through our family. Thank you for your kindness.

There were sweets, balms, candles and even a lady bug sprinkler to run through when it is hot (like right now!). I have calming music cds and even a tea cup and some special teas. I am a Diva (but not Miss Diva) and I am enjoying all my things soooo much!!

She also added an order of her wonderful soaps I had placed from her Etsy store. Go check it out. Miss Diva's personal line is the most luscious I have used (and I'm a soap freak, so I know!). I ordered five so I would always have one on hand and one for the guest room, of course. I wish I could let you smell it. Yummmmm. (Notice the lovely table cloth already being used. I found these adorable lambs up in Georgetown. Too bad they didn't have goats!! hehe. Love you Peggy and Miss Diva!!!

Well, we're getting ready for a thunder storm here (yippeeee!)--only because I have the sprinkler going. So, I better be getting off here. We have some doozies heading our way!


kansasrose said...

Hi Rosa! Thanks for stoppin by my dirt got some major booty in those swaps! Love it! Gonna take a look around cozyrosey's now! Looks very cool! Take care...KansasRose

paris parfait said...

Rosemary, such a beautiful, thoughtful gift. Aren't you lucky! Hope you have a great weekend. It's hot as blazes here and I'll catch up w/ you via e-mail and read your other posts soon. xo Tara

Shell said...

Wow. Nice gift. Very generous too. I tried a tea swap once..lots of fun.

weirdbunny said...

Mail How wonderful!



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