Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Heading to DC

Yep. Another last-minute thing. Isn't it lovely living on the edge?

I've been working on selling my mom's house up in Arlington, VA. And I did get it sold. But, the closing was supposed to be on July 28th. Today, it was moved up to July 21st. All of which means the hub and I have to go up on Saturday and finish getting everything out of the old homestead. Joy. It's probably 100 million degrees (f) there. I can't wait. I have a million things to juggle now because I was supposed to be here next week!

The hub will come back here on Monday and I will be staying on for as long as I need to ion order to get things done. Joy. I think I'm staying at my sister-in-law's--if she'll have me, which will be loads of fun. Even with her working, we can have our evenings to go out and grab a bite and just gab. Hopefully, I'll also have some time to go around and see my old buddies. Who knows when I'll get back up there now that mom is here with us. And, of course, my brothers. Think I'll just sneak up on them--unless Johnny reads it here first.

The teenager's 17th birthday is Saturday. So we will have to celebrate it a day early and then again when we return. We had planned a big bbq (remember all my goodies from Texas?) for Sunday which now will also have to be postponed. Oy. He doesn't mind. Growing up, I guess.

We've taken everything off our porches because tomorrow the cleaners are coming to wash the outside of the house. Then, let's see, I'm sure I'll have to get it painted after that. I just can't wait to get the mildew off and all the spider webs! I doubt this house has ever had a power washing. It is in great need of one, let me tell you! I'll have to take some pics of before and after. I can't wait.

And, by the way, of course I had to leave the ONE fern up because of the finch eggs in the nest. I wonder if they've hatched yet. I swear. You'd think by July it would be safe to move plants....but noooooooooo.

Hope everyone is well.


Tammy said...

Sounds like you will be a very busy woman in the next week!

Sue said...

I don't envy you having to clean out your Mom's house. That was a monumental job for me!

PEA said...

It certainly will be a big job so good luck with that! Hope you do get time to meet up with old friends and some of your family:-) Let me know if the birdies hatched!! Have a safe trip!!

ms*robyn said...

ahh you have a 17yr old too - my miss is 17 in August.
safe travels ! ( I think I have a safe travel spell somewhere in my bag of tricks) hee hee. I do hope you get some blogging time while you are away! stay cool xox
blessings & bliss xoxo

paris parfait said...

As your post so eloquently reminds us, it's always something! Good luck with managing it all! Enjoy visits with friends and family. Will catch up w/ you when you're back home and I'm back from London. Safe journey! Tara xo

ms*robyn said...

oh, I am going to miss you so xoxo

Beth said...

Have fun in D.C. Rosa! I know it will be nice to see your family and friends,,and try to stay cool!
Maybe you will have baby finches when you get back to Nash.



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