Monday, July 10, 2006

Mr. English Turns Mr. Italian

Yay. Everyone is returning home from their vacations. One of my all-time-favorite blogs (and also happens to be one of the first I came upon) is Mr. English's, aka Mark @ Gullible's Travels. He is the perfect English bloke--dry wit and all. The hub, kid and I met up with him in London during our last visit; and we had a marvelous evening of fine food, drink and chit-chat--see my London! post. His lovely wife Mary was unable to be with us as she was in Scotland for the weekend.

Me being the architecture freak that I am, I just had to share this with you. Mr. English has these wonderful places where he resides at different times--lucky dog! He just returned from his Italian Hovel (as he lovingly calls it) in Puglia. I just had to share this type of architecture (Trulli) with you as it is simply fascinating. Mark, uh, I mean, Mr. English has been refinishing his hovel back to its original form--the kind gent he is. You have to go and read up on what he's been doing with it! It's absolutely fascinating.

Oh, and while you're visiting him, take a look at their cottage. He did the same with it. Bringing it back to its original glory. Sigh. Wouldn't we all love to have a little thatched cottage in the English country side? Hmmmm, London, English countryside or Italy -- London, countryside cottage or Italy. Gee. Who could decide? How magical is any one of these wonderful places!

Glad you're back, Mr. English!! Can't wait to hear more about your first good break at your hovel!


paris parfait said...

Luckily, I already discovered Mr. English or rather he discovered me, after reading one of my comments on your blog. Yes, what a clever fellow he is! And quite fortunate in the real estate department. I wish I had the money to buy his cottage! And that place in Italy! Sigh. The guy has impeccable taste. And luck. Lots and lots of luck!

PEA said...

He sounds so very interesting and for sure I'll be visiting his site:-) What a neat place he has in!!

MarkMcL said...

Ladies, you'll make me blush!. And it is true I have been very lucky.

When you are next in the UK do come and visit and see our London home. Late Victorian, built in *only* 1897 but still with some period charm.




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