Friday, July 21, 2006

Baby Watch No. 1

The purple finch nest seems to be A-Ok. All that movement during the cleaning of the house didn't seem to bother them. Worried for nothing! (I'm sure all your prayers didn't hurt!) There are three babies, indeed. They seem to be growing normally and look quite content in this heat. I tell you, they must be the only ones, cause I'm dying! It is absolutely horrible. Not the norm for here in Middle Tennessee.

I'll have to check in on Watch No. 2 and see what's happening with the Carolina Wrens. After Bev played with the eggs, I'm just not quite sure they survived. They are tucked so deep in the window box, I am now afraid to water in fear of drowning something. Geesh. Is nothing ever easy? hehe. I'll keep you posted if I spot anything in No. 2.

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Cherry Rolfe said...

I am having a lot of trouble trying to post to you! Keep crashing just on your blog?????
Glad I won't be on my own in the kitchen at parties!!! You and your dear brave brother will be with me!!!
You are one great sister!



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