Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chicken & Rice

I always feel better when I cook. So, after I learned how to fold shirts--NOT--I was off getting chicken to make for dinner tonight.

Very simple. Season chicken and brown. Add rice to baking dish, add double amount of chicken stock as rice (I used 1 1/2 C rice to 3 C stock). Put chicken on top, cover and cook until rice is soft. (I did 425 degrees (f) for about 40 minutes or so--I'm so bad at timing.)

I also had some blueberries that really needed to get used, so I'm in the process of making Blueberry Coffee Cake. Recipe and pics to follow as soon as it comes out of the oven.



Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

You`re making me hungry again. Can`t wait to see that blueberry Coffee Cake.

Peggy said...

looks yummy! Hope your mom is feeling better and you find a nice family for the house. We have finally had rain today but back to the heatwave tomorrow... Stay cool

kansasrose said...

Sorry you've been bummed about the house and your Mom...hope things work out on the house and a great little family comes along and your Mom is doing better! I'll be right over for some of that chicken and blueberry cake! YUMM!!!!

PEA said...

Another recipe to go into my Blogging Friends Recipe Book:-) It certainly does sound delicious...I love chicken!! Can't wait to see the blueberry cake recipe...a neighbour just brought me over a basket of blueberries that she picked:-)

Shell said...

yum!! And your blog looks yummy too.

Shell said...

BTW..this is almost the same recipe as I use all the time. I got it from my Aunt B. The only difference is that I add a can of sliced mushrooms. We serve with with fresh baby carrots added to a package of frozen peas. Yum.



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