Friday, July 07, 2006

Thank You

Blessings sent to each and every one of you. Thank you for all your supportive words.


Daisy Lupin said...

I have just read your previous post, poor you, I know what its like when you get involved in situations like that. Many years ago in my mad bad youth and hippy days I shared a house with a group of people, one of whom had very serious mental problems that he wouldnot have any sort of treatment for. When I look back now I cannot believe how dangerous the situation was, incidents such as him keeping us all in a room while he ranted and raved waving a knife about, but it was live and let live and we all thought we had to be cool about it. I can't believe how stupid we were now to let him carry on living with us all without getting him help. We just kept living with him and one day he decided to move on.

Tammy said...

Glad things have settled down for you.

Connie and Rob said...

Take care of yourself.


ms*robyn said...

geez, and I thought it was bad enough having stalkers on the internet. poor you.

you know I am always here, an email away xoxo

sending you lots & lots of blessings & bliss
ps, thanks for the black cat hee hee

cityfarmer said...

We have to keep this going, it's too much fun!!!!
And thank you!

weirdbunny said...

Hey if you can't tell us all your problems then who can you tell!

Merle said...

Hello Rosa ~~ Thanks for visiting my blog and I am glad you found some of it interesting. Your blog looks good too. Take care, Merle.



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