Thursday, July 13, 2006

More Eggs!!!!!

What is this place, a nursery? Lord have mercy (Lord have mercy). These guys know who the softy is on the block!

I had a heck of a time getting the window boxes out of the frame that holds them to the house. Grrrr. By myself, as usual. The guys didn't seem to be in any hurry to move them and the soap was falling in the boxes, so I just took it upon myself to try and remove them. They only weigh about 60 pounds, if not more. (OF course, I watered them yesterday--duh.) The first one came out with quite a fight but I did manage to pull it through the laundry room window and place it on the floor. Oh hell, who cares if bugs come in at this point! I just don't want my window box plantings to die.

Now the second one was kind of comical. Here I am, hanging out the guest room window pulling, tugging, sweating.....trying to get this monster out. I pick one end up, then the other and woooops! Down through the grate with a THUNK to the ground! Oh well. It needed a little extra dirt added anyway. I had to crawl (literally) into the bushes to pull it away from the house. (I've been itching ever since, either bugs or allergies, ew.) Half the plants fell out. I don't even care at this point. It's just sitting in the yard all disheveled--as is everything else at this point.

So, I'm upstairs trying to get some appointments in before I leave for DC and I hear this "MOM, MOM!! Eggs!!!" What the......? I go running downstairs to find the kid and Nanna (my mom) staring at Miss Bev (TROUBLE) in the laundry room playing with these tiny little eggs that she has apparently pulled out of the window box that is now sitting on the floor! Lord have mercy (Lord have mercy). We shoo her out and place the eggs back in this really deep hole. I don't know if my coercing the planter out has made this hole or not, so I neatly try to pretend to be a bird making a nest and re-wire all the grasses back into a circular motion--the only ones I know how to make. I ask the "guys" if it's ok to put this box back, they say yes. Well, guess what. It won't go back. I don't know if adrenaline got it out or not, but it ain't going back in. Did it swell while it was out? I have no idea. So, it is just sitting there, cockeyed, until the hub gets home.

The good news is, after I put it back eschewed, the momma did come back and buried herself way down in the thing. Ooops. I guess it was supposed to be a hole. Shows you how much this momma bird knows (me). Seems to be a wren, perhaps a Carolina wren. Cute little thing. I've seen her around but didn't know there was a nest.

And with all this action going on, the new folks (sniff sniff, Dianne) are moving in across the street. Who even has time to see what type of furniture they have!!! GRRRRRR!! (hehe)


Sue said...

Too funny! Is Miss Bev a cat? Sounds like something my cat would pull, so I'm guessing here!

PEA said...

Lol can just picture you hanging out the window trying to get those window boxes off...don't you know things never go the easy way? lol Had to laugh also that you watered your plants in them the day before...that's something I would do without thinking of the added weight too! lol And now you have more eggs...we have a sparrow who had a nest in our hedges in front of the she's having her second batch!

micki said...

Wow! You had one of THOSE days! My mom calls them chocolate soda days.

Salix Tree said...

Thanks for visiting my fauna blog! Hey, I lived near DC for many years growing up!
Too hot! hehe..
I love that pic further down of the thatched cottage. Oh would I love to live in one of those!

Tammy said...

Thought I was the only one nosey enough to see what type of furniture my new neighbor might have...lmbo!!

ms*robyn said...

oh how funny ( well you know what I mean0) cause if you don't laugh you will cry! can just see you now, crawling around under bushes!
hope those eggs hatch out ok!



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