Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Said Goodbye

I flew off into the sunset with a little pang in my tummy. I said goodbye to my childhood home, my old stomping grounds and a lot of wonderful memories of growing up here in Arlington. Of course, it will all be here just as I had left it when I decide to return for a visit. I thought it would be harder. Perhaps my being dead tired had something to my letting go so easily. Hardly any emotions that I thought would surface did.

While I waited for my plane, I looked over the walkway at the Capitol changing colors as the sun began to shift and thought back on all the wonderful memories here. It was a good place to grow up.

When we flew over the Pentagon, my only thought was of that horrid day in September almost five years ago. Growing up less than a mile from the old building, it has always been more of a "place" than how most of you probably think of it. The Pentagon. This is the place my friends and I would hide behind--by the old power plant--and smoke cigarettes, silly kids. I had a friend in the Navy that worked there and he would give me his parking pass so I wouldn't have to walk in the summer heat and could take the bus from here into DC when I was in secretarial school. The big changes came when Pentagon City (a shopping area around the Pentagon and subway stop) was built. I had used the old, abanded lot to park at after Pete retired. After Pentagon City went in, of course, the lot tuned into a paid parking lot and I had to begin paying for parking when I took the metro in to work.

Of course, all has really changed since 9/11. The roads that pass by the old building have been moved further towards the Potomac River. You can no longer "cut" through the parking lot to get around Arlington without having to stop at a guard station and answering questions (which takes the shortcut out of it!). I know the country has had to evolve but I find it very sad to go home and find these "safety alterations." I still love it there, but I don't' think I could ever live there again. Now, DC, that's a whole other story! I still love it.

I'm back home again, where I belong, with only my loved ones tying me back to my Old Virginny. The house has been sold and I feel good about it. It couldn't have gone to a nicer family. They came to the United States from Argentina several years ago. She is a trained seamstress and tailor and I'm not quite sure what the husband's business is. They are the sweetest people you could ever meet. And I need a favor, once more, from all of you. Alicia (the wife) has found a spot in her mouth that has alarmed the doctors--all while I was there cleaning out the house. (She is renting a house across the street, so we were able to visit a bit.) She is being sent to an oncologist on Monday to take a look at it. She is terribly frightened, of course; and all of this on top of the stress of purchasing their first home. Please say a prayer for Alicia that the spot in her mouth is nothing more than a cyst or whatever. Please don't let it be cancer. She is only 38 years old with a 16 year old son (who looks just like my teenager) and a daughter of about 13 who is absolutely gorgeous and is sweet as pie. Please, please say a prayer for them all.

Well, I have lots to share; but today I am trying to catch up on things here at home. Of course, still a lot going on. (I even made a futile attempt at picking up my crate from Customs today only to find out NOW they have to open it to inspect it. (It's only been there for two weeks!) I wish I would have known this before having my son's friend drive us all the way out there--getting lost (twice!) --in 100+ degree weather (no a/c in the car)--all the time my son bitching at me! GRRRR.)

Hopefully, I'll post tonight. Oooooh, I have good pics to share!! Thanks to all who have left comments while I was away. I peeked a couple of times while I was at my sweet sister-in-law's house who graciously put me up for a couple of days. It was nice to leave the dirt and heat of the old house and retire at a beautiful, clean and cool place. Thank you MJ!!

P.M. UPDATE: Sigh. We were supposed to close on the house tomorrow. The buyers' loan did NOT come through. Why do loan companies wait until the last moment to find bugs in credit reports??? Boom, the day before closing, there's a problem? WHY?? Do they like the power of controlling the feelings of other human beings. Do they like to hold others' hopes and dreams in their hands? They shouldn't be allowed to. If these "lending companies" had slowed down and put the closing date off and spent a little more time pulling things together, there wouldn't be this type of stress on the buyer. They are either going to finance them or not. Pretty easy stuff. Don't approve them and then yank it away the day before closing. What is that?? Anyhow, more prayers are needed, of course. Our attorney in DC is trying to find another lending company that will give them a loan on the house. I feel so bad for them. It is strange being on the other side, for a change, and feeling completely helpless as to what I can do. There are several others that want to buy the house, but I want this family to have it. They are so gracious and caring. Whaaaaaaa. Let's hope it will come through for them.


Shell said...

It will be fun seeing your pictures. I haven't been to the DC area since I was a child. It'll be fun seeing what you saw!

Kim said...

I live in Northern VA & I know just how you local TV news station's tagline says it all...."The nation's capitol, our hometown."

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I can understand your feelings as it's always difficult to close chapters in life...

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