Friday, July 21, 2006

My Brother Cracks Me Up

"I'm Just a Head in Bed"

When I went to visit my brother, he was still in bed. He is paralyzed from his shoulders down from an accident over 20 years ago. He's been stuck in and out of bed for the past two years because of a pressure sore caused by sitting in one spot for too long without moving. It's very common with people with paralysis, especially quadriplegics who can't move at all. Anyway, he has such a good attitude towards everything. I don't know if I could be that happy if I were in his shoes.

He has this new computer that is voice activated. Johnny can do just about everything by voice on this thing. Not only can he "type" letters by voice and do all the things normal computers do from his headset, but he also has his cable TV hooked up to it, so he can watch TV, change stations, record shows, etc. His phone is also activated through it and so he can answer calls and listen to his messages from the headset. I tell you, technology sure has come a long way since he had his accident, thank God!

I was videotaping him from my little camera because I was so impressed with his new set up. He starts out by saying "Hi. My name is John. I live in a bed." I cracked up. Even after all he has been through his wit is still sharp as a knife! It's always good to see him because he always makes me laugh.

Keep pumping yourself with all that protein Johnny, so you can get out of that bed, you head!


Cherry Rolfe said...

Hey John, Hey Rosa
I spent all day crashing , trying to say Hi to you!! So Hi, from the middle of Wales, where the air is fresh and clean and the only sound is the sheep and goats and a few crazy birds (not me!!!) The only parts of your world I know is Pigeon Forge from a wedding party and Graceland as my homage to Elvis, but everyone I met was friendly and kind! Technology is a God-send to us in these hills too. So I got here - and Hi!!!!!!

John Ivey said...

I've got to start checking your blog more often. I've been terribly remiss in doing so. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?



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