Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dinner is Served

Our main course this evening will be . . . Miss Bev! AS if!! You can tell I've been gone for too long. Looks like we're living in a barn....cats' on the table....dogs runnin' amuck. When the hub came home and found Miss Bev sitting there, she just looked at him like "What's your problem?" The kid took the camera down, took some pics and then shoo'd her off. Ew. Of course, this is the kid's place setting! She better not even think about going near mine!

You probably can't notice, but the kid (who sets the table) put out a tiny place setting for the hub. We do this occasionally to keep him on his toes. Sometimes it's just a saucer with a cheese spreader for a knife and an olive fork, possibly a shot glass, if he's lucky. Other times, it's really small, miniature stuff. We are too silly. Oh, it's good to be home.

Our actual dinner was a quickie. I had some chicken sausage in the fridge and found some curried rice with lentils in the pantry. Voila. Instant din-din. (I even had chicken broth to add to the rice instead of water. Yum!) I was too tired to do much more. Threw a few pieces of sliced bread on the table and called it suppa! Boom, done. Bellies' full.


Sue said...

That totally looks like something my cat would try. He pouted for days after we returned from our last getaway!

Shell said...

I think all cats are related...or Aliens from outter space who are taking notes. I have one that speaks fluent English and can also bark. He keeps me on my toes.

mrspao said...

Miss Bev wanted you to remember her!



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