Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lo and Behold, The Hub is Home

Sigh. He made it home. A monumental weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Ms. Independent that I am, I always hate to admit that I ever need anyone, right? But, I do, of course. The whole marriage thing is comforting to me. Half-Half. Knowing you always have someone on your side, no matter what. When he's all the way around the world, it's as if I am completely alone (and don't ever tell him), but it's tough. So, I'm happy he's home, the kids are happy he's home, the babies (animals) are happy he's home; and I know HE's happy he's home! I can now relax. Phew! (Funny, but the website in which I found the above artwork is playing the music I walked down the isle to, Pachelbel's Canon--sniff sniff.)

He brought home goodies for us all. The kid got a boomerang and a great book on Australian lighthouses. The teenager got a pair of fantastic (Beatle) boots that he actually wore today. That kid never ceases to amaze me. If I had bought them, they would have been dorky. Go figure.

But, of course, I got the best stuff. He bought this beautiful desk set at Florentine Australia (all Italian). I can't wait to write my first letter with my new fountain pen. I'll have to adjust to using an authentic one, since I'm used to the ones with the cartridges. The ink is a divine blue. Look at the beautiful faces on the ink lid and on the magnifying glass. The letter opener was confiscated at the airport (hehe) and has to be mailed to us. Let's hope it arrives here one day. It, too, has a beautiful face on it. Along with all that, he also found some pretty Italian writing paper.

He found this unique bracelet at Sabai Groove in Brisbane. It came with a description of what each stone represents:

Iollite (also known as water sapphire): Physical--Aids lungs.
Emotional--Promotes curiosity and achievement.
Spiritual--Enhances psychic ability.
Garnet: Physical--Aids circulation, toxicity and strength.
Emotional--Enhances sexual healing; self esteem; love; confidence & patience. spirituall--Promotes spiritual travel and imagination.
Citrine (my birthstone): Physical--detoxifies organs; aids heart, digestion & tissues regeneration.
Emotional--release of negativity and anxiety; enhances self esteem. (Wear at night to prevent nightmares;) warming,.
Spiritual--stimulates mental awareness; life-giving;
Peridot/Olivine: Physical--balances glandular system, aids eyesight, aids tissue regeneration, the heart and liver; purifies the body.
Emotional--Increases intuition and reduces stress and stimulates the mind. Spiritual--Accelerates personal growth and opens new doors of opportunity.
Well, to say the least, I should be wearing this thing all the time!! I couldn't help but think of ms*robyn when I saw all the wonderful cures of each stone. I love the healing powers of just about anything! Hey, I need al the help I can get, right?

He also found this lovely silk scarf (can't wait for the fall!) and this pretty tunic (which I have to lose weight before I can fit into it--wishful thinking hub!). It was made and India and he picked it up in Singapore. Look at the intricate detail of all the beadwork. Wow. Talk about bling bling! (Sorry.)
Poor guy, he's dead tired. He's been fading in and out today. Still up, which is quite remarkable--considering he's still on Aussie time!


slap me happy said...

Lovely gifts, you got spoiled hey. He was right in my neck of the woods too. Remeber to wash your precious stones once in a while in rock salt, cleanse any negativity attached to them good to remember. I had ablack taurine (wards off negativity ) and forgot to wash it and the bloody thing snapped in half lol. Enjoy your hubby being back. Take care for now

ms*robyn said...

you got some good crystals there, my love! Citrine is the crystal of abundance of all types plus the joy crystal. I can do you up a little information if you wish - wear it and know it is helping you. smudge it first to remove any negativity from other people who may have touched it, put it in the moonlight to charge it (in a window will do) - yes, I know it sounds like hocus pocus but believe me, it's not.

paris parfait said...

What a thoughtful, generous husband - with excellent taste! Beautiful gifts. Hope you get the letter opener back!

weirdbunny said...

He sure has an eye for wonderful presents! It's like christmas over at your house!

Mrs. House Mouse said...

Great blog! Glad to hear that your hubby made it home safe and sound. Lovely gifts he has brought back too ;o)

Welcome at the House Mouse House any time! :o)

Kimberly said...

It's always nice when the hubby comes home! And you can be Independent and still want him around :)

Lovely treasures he brought home! The bracelet is beautiful and dual purpose with the healing stones.

Enjoy your day

M.E Ellis said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Your tale brought tears to my eyes as your excitement shone through.

I don't know where he has been, or if he's going off again, but I will say enjoy your time together.

Bless you.


Wystful1 said...

Hi Rosa...
Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment.

It looks like you got a lot of wonderful goodies!!!

Happy Monday

(ps...the visitor hack is hard to explain how it works...a friend helped me get it set up, and I'm not really good at doing this, so it's difficult to explain--all I know is it's put in the comment section of the blog. LOL....sorry, I am not much help.)

Chi said...

I'm glad your hubby is back home...and what wonderful treasures he brought you. *s*

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit was really nice of you.

cityfarmer said...

My goodness girl, does he love you or what???

I have never seen such lovely things and so MANY lovely things.

How long was he gone?

Sue said...

Hi Rosa,
Thanks so much for visiting me! I loved reading about all the lovely things your
hubby brought you from Australia. My brother and SIL just returned from there about two wks ago!
Please stop in and visit anytime and I'll be back to see you again...

PEA said...

So glad he made it home safely...I can also tell how happy you are he IS home:-) Gosh, he sure does know how to pick out some wonderful gifts!! Everything is fabulous and looks like he chose very carefully what would please you!! Enjoy having him back:-)

Daisy Lupin said...

Rosa, you are a lucky lucky lady to receive all those beautiful gifts from your fellow. He was obviously thinking about you everywhere he went. He has got exquisite taste. love xx

Peggy said...

What a wonderful sweet hubby you have! What nice presents but know your favorite gift was him coming home!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice to hear that the hub is back! I love the stuff he brought back; beautiful... He sure is a caring husband and father!



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