Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Friends always know when you need a lift even when they're many miles away. My dear friend Leenda (it's really Linda, but I just like to say Leenda) in Virginia sent me a sweet package filled with love today. It was just what I needed.

The first item was a little pewter pocket cross to carry in my pocket, which I did and will. It has a meditative swirl on the back which feels "right" when I rub it between my fingers. She also sent me an ankle bracelet made of hemp with purple beads woven into it. (We're just a bunch of hippies, afterall!) The purple beads represent peace. I've already tied it to my ankle (but will spare you another picture of my ugly feet). I made a wish when I tied it; and I was told that when the bracelet breaks or falls off, it means your "wish" will come true. I made a wonderful wish so I may just need to break it off -- kidding! Isn't that lovely though? Linda somehow knew I needed a pick-me-up; and just out of the blue, she sent me these wonderful presents.

Aren't friends wonderful? Indeed they are.


Shell said...

How lovely! Email me your address again.

ms*robyn said...

oooh yes, friends are treasures. You are a treasure !!! xoxo

Connie and Rob said...

You are a very lucky girl and deserve every bit of it doll.

Take care,

PEA said...

What would we ever do without our friends...they know exactly when we're down and need a pick me up! What a lovely gesture Linda did by sending you these gifts...she truly is a friend:-)

kansasrose said...

Beautiful talismans of your friendship! "Ya got to have friends!!!!!!" as Bette Medler sings...they are one of Life's greatest joys!

paris parfait said...

Ah, yes - that's what friends are for - to cheer you up when you need it and support you along the way. Lovely gifts from a thoughtful friend.

Mrs. Staggs said...

What a lovely gift Rosa. You are such a sweetheart, and put so much good energy out into the world, it's no wonder so much good comes back to you.

Sue said...

My best real life buddy of 40 years is a Linda also!
We love surprising each other with little gifts for no reason too!

slap me happy said...

what a lovely surprise for you, glad it happened to you honey



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