Sunday, June 25, 2006

This Must Be the Place

This drawing was done by the kid when he was 6 of our house when we lived in Virginia.

"...home, it's where I want to be, pick me up and turn me around..."

--Talking Heads

Oh, it's so good to be home. I can definitely tell one from another (seems David Byrne can't). I was so groggy this morning when the teenager woke me up to drive him to work at 8:30 . . . z z z. Sound asleep, in my own bed. Need I say more?

I couldn't decide if I should just go back to bed when I returned from dropping him off or not. I had added a t-shirt to my pjs before leaving so it would be easy to crawl back in if I so desired. Of course I so desired, duh.

After checking in on my mom, I crawled right back in. I lay there and pondered my existence and the million things I need to get done this week. So much going on. I can't tell you how cozy it was--my own bed, my own well-worn sheets (complete with a small hole forming--oy), a ton of kivers protecting me from the burr-cold air conditioning and my soft-as-a-cloud pillows swallowing my head and engulfing each side of me. I even got up at one point and softly carried Miss Bev back to my bed to cuddle; but she was still quite tender and wanted to be back with the kid, so I returned the baby to her warm spot at the kid's feet.

After about half-an-hour of "thinking," I finally just told myself to get my butt up and get moving. But boy did I enjoy every second of my time. Got up and blew the two fluorescent lights in my closet (GOOD RIDDANCE--hate hate HATE them!) and had to figure out how to flick the breaker to get the rest of the lights to come back on in the bath (which was found located in the bedroom wall outlet--go figure). Took a leisurely shower in the dark before doing so. (Who can see anyway without one's glasses?) By the time I finished cleaning up, making up that luscious bed and unpacking, the kid was knocking on the door with those sweet, sleepy eyes. (Muh baybee.)

We made more summerscapes to put around the house to keep us fresh from the beach for days to come. I found these cute little lanterns in Fairhope and placed them in the hurricane with some sand and shells. I need to get some oil for them to light at night. Can't wait to see the light flickering on the sand.

A few here, a few there . . . scattered about the place. Also beginning to prepare for Independence Day.

Then there are the babies. Flabby Abby is happy to have the teenager back--the only one she will give any attention to. Look how she loves anything he does--perfectly content upside down. You gotta wonder about that cat. Look at the size of her!!

Bev's nose is pink again. (Yep, that's her on top of the table--a no-no) She has been retired to the kid's bed for the night. I've added a special nutrient supplement to her kitten food, and she's loving it. Let's hope it does the trick and gives her some strength. She's so poor looking. Then there's Dave. He just came in, from a night of carousing. Filling the tummy up for bedtime.

Sigh, almost all is well in the household (the hub still traveling). We all have so much to be thankful for here. Time to crawl back into that sinfully comfy bed. Nitey nite all.


Leanne said...

Hii there! Just dropping by to see if you were home again... I have your tea swap package here and I didn't want to mail it while you were gone. Please don't think I've forgotten about you! It's on it's way to you now! By the way, I adore your blog! It's so welcoming and enjoyable to read. I'll be dropping by often!

paris parfait said...

Rosemary, so glad you had a great trip! Love your seascapes -very creative.

paris parfait said...

Forgot to say glad your pets are doing well and great drawing by the kid!

Cherry Rolfe said...

Your description of the warmth and comfort of your own bed really resonated with me!! I love that warmth that only your family, your home, and your own bed can create.



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