Monday, June 05, 2006

Breeding Like Bunnies

I tell you, those purple finches are prolific! They have made yet another nest in one of our ferns on the top deck. I've had to keep Miss Bev inside (again) because she found the nest first and was right on it. I don't spend a lot of time out there, so I hadn't paid much attention to this nest at all. I'm just glad I got the wreath down when I did so I didn't have to leave it up another few months! And what a mess they left there--EW. I have to get this house cleaned!! (My famous last words!!)

Today, I've flung as many doors and windows open as possible. It is gorgeous outside. As my mom would say "I wish I could bottle it up and save it for later!" No humidity, probably around 70, light breeze. So, when I opened the top deck door, I thought I would take the camera out and take a look/see and find out what's in that nest. Looks like the babies have just hatched! I wish I would have seen how many eggs were there before they did. Oh well. I can see three beaks, how about you? It looks awfully full in there though. Could be more!

Rootie was a bad doggie yesterday. Can you tell she's shame face? I should never trust that dog. I left her in the front yard while I went in for a little bit--even told her to "stay." (Yea right!) When I came out, of course she was gone. We looked for her for over an hour with no luck. Went to dinner and came home to two phone calls from the neighbors. I let her sleep out back all night. She knows she's in the dog house because she wants to stay downstairs with my mom. And, she's limping. She has arthritis in her hind leg so the running didn't help matters. She finally decided to join me upstairs and now she's gassing me out of the place. Lord knows what she ate on her little adventure! Oy vey.

I think we'll take Frankie out for a nice walk in the park today. It is too lovely to stay indoors. Especially with Roo Dog polluting the fresh air I'm trying to achieve in here.

Oooh, oooh, ooooh, and look at what my friend Dianne (Sammy, the African Grey) sent me from Minnesota! Now, I thought my new heels were comfy. These are like walking on air. Love them! Don't you just love the bead work?? Thank you Dianne! I shall wear them and think of you--sniffle sniffle. P.S. What's happening with Sammy? I miss her!!! Did she finally succeed in eating all your wires to the computer? Is that why it's so quiet on her blog?? That is one crazy bird!


Rosa said...

Blogger is being a little funny today. If you click on the pics, you'll be able to see them! Fun.

weirdbunny said...

Those chicks are amazing, your so lucky too have them nesting with you.

paris parfait said...

Love the birdies and the shoes. Bad dog! Has she earned a reprieve? :)

Shell said...

Chicks are cute and so are the mocassins.
I had a pair of those once upon a time. I'll have to find some at the trading post.

Linda said...

Mocassins are really big in France right now, for what ever reason, along with cowboy boots. Being unfashionable, I have neither.



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