Monday, June 26, 2006


The "teens" on the beach playing frisbee--Gulf Shores, AL

Just a memory now, a wonderful memory. Gee, I have so much going on right now, my head is whirling (it doesn't take much to get my head whirling these days--getting old!). And the hub in Singapore--soon to be in Australia. Wundervoll!

It's only 2:30 and it seems like it's already after hours. Slowly getting the house in order, again. Finally got out to water the front this morning. Bev sat watching on the top deck, sunning herself. She is feeling so much better today. She is up to her usual "quirky" self. She normally takes socks (lone ones, pairs--doesn't matter) and carries them in her mouth "mouwing" all the way to the kid's room where she deposits them. Well, of course, she has been too weak to do this. Low and behold this morning, I heard her "mouwing" (and what a wonderful sound that was!). She had gone into my bedroom, picked up one of the kid's t-shirts from the trip, carried it down the hall "mouwing" all the way to his room. A T-SHIRT!! It probably weighed almost as much as her and definitely was bigger! He said it was still folded when it arrived! ha! Too sweet. So, that is such good news, everyone. Bev is on the mend! Joy, I still have two days of shoving pills down her throat; and let me tell you, she's on to me! She knows what I'm about to do when I get those bottles.

Here's a couple more pics from Fairhope. This gorgeous monarch (I think) was fluttering about and I had to grab the camera and see what I could capture. Isn't she beautiful? I haven't seen any here in Middle Tennessee (I don't think or I just don't remember--old again). I have such fond memories of so many of these beauties in my Uncle's yard across the street from us growing up. He had so many flowers in his front yard, the attraction was inevitable. What a joy to behold nature.

As I was sitting waiting for the kids to find some books, I took a seat (to rest my weary bones--old, again) and snapped this shot of Fairhope's little book store. Isn't it quaint? I adore it. Not too many mom & pop places left where you can grab an ice cream or soda, grab a seat and read the paper or a book to your heart's content, now is there? There were kids (like 12ish) going upstairs for some sort of classes. Not sure if they were art classes or a book club. But, I guarantee, I will find out the next time I'm in town. Too sweet. Aw, life in small-town America.


paris parfait said...

Great post with the slice of small-town life. And those photos of the Monarch butterfly! Haven't seen those since I left California (a big deal in Pacific Grove, where there's even an annual butterfly parade).

Fizzy said...

What lovely pictures and even better memories.
Hope you are well

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