Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Day of Love Letters

I received goodies in the mail today which I affectionately call "love letters." Anything other than a bill or junk mail is considered a love letter. So fun!! I had signed up for a magazine swap--the magazine junky that I am. I get magazines that I don't even read just to have just in case I do want to ever read them! That's pretty bad, I admit. I've learned to tear out what I like and throw the rest away. I've been kinda bad at that lately though. Step back from the magazine--toss it in the trash! DO IT! And me with my allergies, I should know better than stacking them up bedside! (Do I hear an Oh NO out there?) Hush now, I keep my (hospital grade) hepa filtered air cleaner going full speed 24/7, thank you very much. You don't think I was born yesterday, do you? Geesh.

Anyway, I signed up for the swap at swap-bot. Check it out. There's something there for everyone! (Probably a little dangerous, actually--like Ebay dangerous!) I received my magazines from Sarah over at Good Things. Ooooh, she's from England and sent me some English crafting magazines! Wooohooo! She also made these envelopes out of magazine pages! Great idea. That's a great way to recycle. I'll share any ideas I get from them with you.

Then I get this kinda padded envelope from no other than our Peggy over at Hidden Haven Homestead. I tell you, she has more energy than that energizer bunny! I'm exhausted after reading her daily routine. She has this goat, appropriately named Miss Diva, who thinks she's Peggy's child. She cries for her, follows her and wants to be near her all day. I absolutely love it! It is so cute to hear the stories from that place. (Oh and she has many more animals on the Homestead!) After adopting Miss Diva, she has been in the goat's milk soap biz. Check out her array at her etsy store. (I'm sure I will be addicted to it and visiting the store regularly now!) The other day, everyone who left a comment on her blog were sent some of her and Miss Diva's lovely soap. Mine came in today! Wheeeeeee! She sent me apple/avocado and rose. Both smell absolutely divine. I can't wait to get in the bath with these lovelies! Thank you Peggy! How very sweet, literally! Oh, I wish we had a button we could push for scents so I could share these with you.

I've been busy cleaning for our houseguests arriving tomorrow. Raphael and his brother Regis are coming in from France. As I've mentioned, Regis is attending a friend's wedding, and I coaxed Raphi to tag along! We haven't seen him in a couple of years, and it's past due for a Raphi fix. We've been cleaning out the rec room (appropriately named The Pit)for him. Ew. This is the men's domain, and I don't dare step foot in there very often. Again, ew. I tried a couple of years ago to fix it up a little, but then I gave up. They don't care. As long as there's a TV screen in there, no worries.

I won't even go into any details--only to say that it is as clean as it's ever been. The kid even said today "wow, it's like when we first moved in!" Yep. Not bad. The sleep sofa is opened and I'll make it up tomorrow. I only wish it had a window that opened. Who builds a room with no windows, I ask you? It has four skylights, which make all the difference, but no fresh air. It is connected to the office here which has three; but gee whiz guys, how hard could it have been to put in one stinkin' window? That is on my wish list to do one day. The guest room is usually in pretty good order; so that was easy to get ready for Regis. (I think they may be fighting over who gets that room!) If I could only get this office cleared out, we'd be in bidness!

And so, another lovely day in the life of Rosa. I sent my Vintage Tea Swap (love letter) off today from ms*robyn's little parcels tied deliciously up in ribbons and my magazine swap (love letter) to Marylyn over in Derbyshire, England. What an interesting "international mailing 101" it was at the post office! It is actually cheaper to send two separate packages via US Postal Service Global Priority than to send one box airmail. When I brought that up to the clerk, she was like "Wow, you're right." Duh. We're talking $15 cheaper! So, sorry Marylyn, two envelopes coming--hope they arrive at the same time!!

With that, my friends, I'll bid adieu--to you and you, and you and you and you.


Marylyn said...

PLEASE don't appologise for sending TWO PACKAGES. Who could ever object to TWO PACKAGES. Thanks in eager anticipation Marylyn

Peggy said...

Thank you so much Rosa! You are so sweet to write about my soaps! hugs

weirdbunny said...

I just love the photo of inside you house! It looks fab in there!



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