Thursday, June 29, 2006


My bubba sent me that wonderful box of goodies. I shoulda' guessed. He's a real foodie from way back. The Rosegarten Report should have given it away. He loves to read about food as much as he likes to make it and eat it (and he's thin too--no fair!).

You see folks, I told you he spoils me now trying to make up for being so mean to me as a child . . . sniffle sniffle. Hey, I'll take it! hehe.

Thank you J-I-M-B-O ! (aka Jim) I still call him Jimbo as my revenge. ha. I'll have to give him a ringy dingy tomorrow and tell him I received it and how I can't wait to dig in. (I finally called Willy's to see who had sent it. I couldn't stand the suspense!)


ms*robyn said...

wow and you get to eat it all by yourself? ha!

Connie and Rob said...

Isn't it wonderful how brothers turn into cuddly old bears when they get older?? That was very sweet of him to send you that package. What a wonderful surprise. Have fun enjoying your TX barbeque.


paris parfait said...

What a wonderful brother! Enjoy every bite of the yummy treats!



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