Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Liberty of London Fabric

Withdrawals, yes, I admit it. I hit Ebay with a search for Liberty of London after returning home. Low and behold, I found a good price on a piece of vintage LL that goes with my front-of-the-house decor--deco/chinoiserie mix-match. I've been looking for some fabric for use in a couple of valances. I need them in my study and my dining room.

I've been holding on to these old vintage crewel work curtains (left) that were my mom's many moons ago that I had planned on using in my study because of the robin-egg blue walls. Now that I have this new fabric, I may switch the whole thing around and put the chinois LL fabric there and the crewel in the dining room. Geesh, decisions, decisions. (I'm fortunate to have such mundane decisions to make--I know; and I count my blessings!) Any of you artsy souls have a suggestion? Bag all the fabrics and find something better, eh? hehe.

If you look at the chinois with my oriental-- similar motif, both quite busy--it may be just a tad too much. (This is why I don't put anything on my windows--it drives me crazy.) P.S. Don't tell me if you see a hairball I missed! And just WHAT is the ORB in some of my shots?!!!

You may be able to see my little test swatch of sage green (a tad darker than the walls) on my shadowboxing in the dining room. I have yet to start that project (obviously). Personally, I like the crewel work in both room, but there's not enough fabric for both-of course! (Yes, I would definitely take the scroll out with the red if I use the crewel!) Maybe the LL will have to go to another project. It is gorgeous and soft and will go just about anywhere. Hmmmmmmm. Hey, maybe the family room! giggle.

(Welcome to my madness!)


paris parfait said...

Beautiful fabrics! I just shot some photos on Sunday of some Liberty of London and William Morris fabrics I bought at auction. I'll post them soon. Yours are wonderful and I'm sure you'll do creative things with them.

MarkMcL said...


Just in case you didn't see my comment on ParisParfait's Liberty post I will take the *ahem* liberty of repeating it here...

I have mentioned Wandle Creek a couple of times in my blog. William Morris' print works were at Merton Abbey Mills on the River Wandle just a couple of miles upstream from me. It was there that he set up a waterwheel powered workshop for printing the first Liberty fabrics.






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