Friday, June 09, 2006

A Special Gift

This week, as I was preparing for Raphael and Regis' arrival from France, I received a sweet comment to one of my "Favorite Corner" posts of past. It was the one regarding my Sarabella ornaments that I have yet to put away. It started out saying that they had problems getting on my blog and wasn't able to leave a comment for several days (grrrr, this blog sometimes!) and went on to talk about the Sarabella Creation that I had purchased from Ebay, the beautiful Sunflower piece. As I read further, I could tell--this was from Natalie Sarabella herself!! Oh, I got so excited, I think I was shaking with joy. How nice of her to take the time to stop by and leave a sweet comment thanking ME for admiring her work. How special is that? Pretty darn special. She had found me through a friend of hers who had Google searched her and came upon my blog and then passed the info on to Natalie. She told me the whole story behind this lovely piece.

To recap my end, I was first introduced to her by receiving a gift for Christmas--a beautiful Angel ornament from my sister-in-law. I was not familiar with her work and was so taken by the piece that I began searching Ebay--every time I opened it--for anything Sarabella. To say her work is beautiful is a complete understatement. These pictures (which were taken by Raphael for me with his extra cool Nikon) don't even begin to show the detail of each ornament. The drawing, the painting, the laying of each Swarovski crystal and each seed pearl is astonishing, each in its own rite. Just beautiful to look at. I have been so extra careful with this piece. (When we moved to Tennessee from DC, I hand carried this down in my car with a couple of lamps.) And so, when my search finally came up with a hit one day, I was ecstatic! It was the Sunflower ornament. I knew I would be outbid--I usually am. But, I wasn't, and I actually won it. It was as beautiful as my first. I looked at her website, Sarabella Creations, and could never find the piece--figured it was retired. (Oh my gosh, do take a look at some other pieces she has done. I believe Bergdorf-Goodman is the only store that sells her work; but I could be wrong there. Her pillows and framable note cards are also to-die-for, which I have bought as Christmas gifts.)

Natalie told me in one of her notes that she had painted this one for herself while she was living in California. She had given it to a friend (of the male variety); and I'm sure she was surprised to see my having it. Natalie seemed pleased, though, at how much I love these two and how much enjoyment I get from them both. She wrote, straight away that she wants to make two ornaments for the boys. Oh-My-Gawd. Did I read right? Right off the bat, this sweet lady was touched by my admiration and offered to make me something. (I was truly touched--to say the least.) We have had correspondence going now for several days and are having a jolly old time of it. It is so much fun hearing from her. Now, as if that wasn't enough, she came up with a brilliant idea of making one for each of us--the hub, myself, the kid and the teenager for a family tree. A Family Tree!! I keep pinching myself. (But I have saved her emails, and it is indeed for real!)

There are no words that can express the enjoyment I experienced from her sweet comment left on my little ol' blog. And I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to receive special pieces from her for my little family. There is good in the world people! Still good, caring people. How nice is that? Pretty darn nice, I say.

Thank you Natalie.


Mrs. Staggs said...

Wow, isn't blogging just wonderful at times? You are one of those good people Rosa, nice things come your way because you put good things into the world.
As you know I was having problems with your site too. I took your advice and I have FireFox now. I haven't had any problems with your site since downloading it. Yay!

Daisy Lupin said...

I am so pleased for you. Before I had a blog I came across yours, where you were saying you gave up because no one left comments. You were brave enough to start again, and now look something lovely has happened to you because of your blog and talking about your sarabelle creation.

paris parfait said...

What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing this nice experience.

Peggy said...

Wow what a wonderful surprise! She sounds like a delightful lady and her work is so outstanding! Lucky you!

Linda said...

These ornaments are amazing. Since I have no children living with us, I have gotten lazy about Christmas and decorating and several years didn't even have a tree but I do love putting lovely things around on tables and fragrant candles. The blogging world has turned out to be amazing, hasn't it? I am amazed that people bother to read what I write but it does add an element of fun.
Sometimes, when I open your blog, AOL turns off. I'm not sure why. I think I have Fire Fox-have all sorts of stuff-but today there are no problems.

me said...

Hi Girlfriend, thanks for the sweet comments. Great talking to you today. Stop pinching yourself I'm for real LOL.

Deirdre Grant said...

Natalies ornaments are extremely beautiful, but come with an empty bank account..after I purchased 9 of them. I had to have them they were so beautiful. These were from Bergdorf. Then I saw the amazing collection at Frontgate. OMG! I'll never get any of those. I had that catalog open on my desk for a month. The intricate detail on the gold tree one and the 12 collection set..Wow. I used to collect Jay Strongwtater and Radko , I have a boxes and boxes of there ornaments but Natalie really takes the cake!!



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