Friday, June 16, 2006

S-C-R-E-A-M ! ! ! !

Is it me, or is everything moving in slow-mo today? Everyone is driving me absolutely batty!!

My mom has been riding my butt for the past two days,"Can we go grocery shopping?" Can we go grocery shopping? Can we go grocery shopping? Will you take me to get some groceries? When will we go to the store? Will you get my money? Will you get my money? When will you get my money? Don't forget to do my medicines. Will you do my medicines? When will YOU DO MY MEDICINES?" S C R E A M ! ! ! ! YES!! Of course, I will get EVERYTHING done!! OF COURSE!! Don't I always?? Am I going to leave you here to fend for yourself??? (Forgive me, Lord.) --Of course, I never say this to her....I always just smile and tell her, yes, I will.

So this morning, the hub and I go to pick up the mini-van rental. Bev has an appointment at 10. I get back at 9:50 to the house. My mom is there at the garage waiting for me. She is never upstairs. She starts in......"Will you......" YES! I will, I promise. I have to take the cat to the vets now." Of course, I have to go down the basement and find the cat carrier--she follows me. Then I have corral Bev into it. All the time, my mom is hovering. "MOM, I promise, I will take care of you before I leave." (I told you she doesn't like to share me with anything!) She's ready to go. "Mom, I am taking the cat to the vets....we will go to the store when I get back, ok?" She looks at me confused. Ok, slow down Rosemary, "Mom, you stay here. I have to take the cat to the vets to get her shots (this she understands). When I return, we will go to the store to get you some good food. You can go back downstairs and I will come down and get you when I get back, ok?" She finally understands. (Forgive me Lord.)

Ok, so we finally get to the vets. They look at her and know she is ill. Her temp is high and so they want to do bloodwork. Poor little boo. We leave her there (me and the kid) and head off to Costco. I am NOT going back to get mom because it takes FOREVER--FOR-EV-VER--to take her. (Forgive me Lord.) We buzz through there like the white tornado. Get home, mom is waiting at the garage door. "Will you take me ....." Lord have mercy on my soul!

Well, at least, I have stopped by the bank (10 p.m. last night!) and have her money. That should quiet her down for a bit. "Mom, here's your money. As soon as I'm ready to go to the store, I will come down and get you." She seems to understand. As I'm pulling the money out, the kid asks me (for the umpteenth time), "Can I have MY $20?" Oh My Gosh! He knew he asked the wrong question at the wrong time! He just kind of slilthered away after the glare I gave him! Poor guy.

Grab my bags and carry them upstairs to start packing. Sit down to turn my computer on to get my email from my friend who will be meeting us at the beach; I have to pee. You know, the kind where you don't feel you can hold it? (Ew, sorry.) I turn the computer on, moving about so I don't pee my pants and start to wait for it to get started. Who has time to pee? I finally consider myself a fool and say "Rosemary, go pee for kriminy sakes!" It takes all of two minutes out of my busy schedule. AS if I have that much time to give up! Geesh. Of course, the computer is in slow-mo this morning too.

The vet calls. Bev is extremely anemic. She has an organism in her blood cells from our lovely Tennessee mosquitoes. She has to be put on steroids and an antibiotic. Poor little boo. (Remember, we're leaving TOMORROW!) Dial, dial, dial (even though we don't dial anymore) "Hello neighbor"--answering machine--"Rosemary here, will you be HERE this week????" Lord have mercy.

I'm just waiting for my mom to pop her head around the corner and say "Can you take me to get some groceries?" hehe.

My favorite story that my mom tells me is when I was just toddling around and we were at my grandma Rosie's. She knitted and I would take her yarn and walk around and around with it stringing it around chairs and such. When my mom scolded me and told me to put it back, my grandma said (in her sweet old creaky Texas accent) "Aw, let her have it. Wouldn't it be a shame if she wasn't able to do that." And with that my friends, I count my blessings that my mom is able to drive me crazy just like I did her. I am thankful that she can walk, and talk and still remember the important stuff. Thank you Lord. She is blessed. I am blessed.


Bud said...

That's a good play by play of a typical day in the life of an adult daughter and her mom. I can relate to evey word you typed.

weirdbunny said...

You just have save a rant whenever you need too. We are alway's here.

John Ivey said...

I guess the old saying, what goes around comes around, applies here.

Peggy said...

slow down and pee dear Roas! Take a deep breath and count those blessings and smile... you will get through till tomorrow

ms*robyn said...

oh lord! you had me cackling away here at my computer. I sure can relate, even though my mum doesn't live with me, she drives me simply mental sometimes when she visits. If I am cleaning my teeth or going to the bathroom, she will stand at the door and chatter away. I love her so much of course. We are allowed to be like this, we are human !!! and I guess we will do the same to our kids when we get much older :)

your poor kitty, hope she is better soon. have a fun weekend xoxo
I can't believe I have been able to comment twice without being kicked off your blog yippee !!!

mrspao said...

Poor you. Poor Bev. Hope today is better.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, that was a day! No wonder you felt on the verge of exploding! I would have lost my marbles in your situation...

Anyway, I love your great post!



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