Thursday, June 01, 2006

Girl Shoes

I never go out and buy shoes. I'm the one you see wearing either Birkenstocks (until there's no sole left) or Clark's shoes--you know, the ugly clunky shoes--just because of the comfort. I have always had wide feet, even as a child. How embarrassing it was to have to buy "boy" shoes because girls' shoes didn't come in wide in the 60s. Poor me.

Today, I made a pit stop into one of my favorite little boutiques that sells mostly shabby chic items for the home. They do have a fabulous selection of one-of-a-kind jewelry (at reasonable prices) and handbags (at not-so-reasonable prices). I hadn't noticed her shoes before; but as I was looking at them, the owner begins to tell the story on them. You purchase the shoe (four different styles of bases) and you get three "tops" that go with them. The tops snap on and off in a jiffy. You are able to purchase different tops as needed (I think about $10). But, the most remarkable thing about these shoes is that they are actually comfortable! Go figure. I never, ever wear heals, but these I can bear. Amazing. Even with my fat foot!

I just had to share this find with all of you ladies. The name of the shoe is One Sole (many mates)--cute huh! Oh, and hub, all of this is pure fiction. I really don't have any new shoes. Wink wink.


paris parfait said...

Great shoes! And I like the pure fiction bit. Oddly enough, there's a lot of that going around our household, when it comes to purchases. Must be an international epidemic! :)

Connie and Rob said...

Well someone has come up with another great idea! It sounds so simple to be a millionaire...

Love your shoes.

Take care,

mrspao said...

You've got me thinking about what Ewan Wan Kenobi says in one of the Star Wars films when I read that last paragraph: Nothing to see here, move along now please!

Max said...

What a great idea! The shoes are fab.



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