Sunday, June 04, 2006

Porch with a View

The last week, I have been going outside as soon as I wake up. The boys keep it so darn cold in here (AC set at 67 this morning!!) that I need to get out and thaw! This is not normally a problem for me, I like it cold too. But, I have a feeling my thyroid has a little to do with it. I've been hypothyroid since I became pregnant with the teenager. Whenever my thyroid levels get low, I get cold, my hair begins to fall out and I get tired. Check all those off--with thanks to my doctor. Before I left for London, my Synthroid had run out. She insisted that I come in before she would refill it for me. I tried, didn't succeed and she refused to refill, even a few to hold me over until I actually came in. Ticked me off. So, I was off my meds for several weeks until I could get in. Crazy. Anyway, I'm paying for it now. Oh well. Better than the opposite. Yep, I also had hyperthyroidism when I was about 18. Now, that's the worse--other than losing weight! It speeds everything up--feels like you're going crazy! Can't remember stuff, sweaty all the time, can't write because you're so jittery, heart rate sped up to dangerous rates! No fun. Glad that is over now. Would rather have the hypo any day. Except, of course, all the weight you gain (that tied in with a hysterectomy a couple of years ago, oh boy!).

So, I got up this morning and went out on the porch to warm up. A storm was brewing just over the mountain across the street. I love to watch them roll through. Tried to get the kid out with me, but he was busy eating breakfast. The thunder reverberates through the mountain and rumbles down to our house. I have never experienced anything like it, only here. I love to hear the thunder. I find it almost peaceful--guess because it's part of nature. There are so many man-made noises in our lives these days. To hear only nature is a blessing and so soothing to me. I just sat there and enjoyed the sounds and the view. It never rained. A sprinkle or two, but that was all. The wind started whipping and it must have cooled off at least 15 degrees in matter of minutes.

The kid finally did come out, along with the hub. We pointed out figures in the clouds. (I found a Scotty dog without a head which then turned into the continent of Africa--not in these pictures though.) The storm moved through rather quickly, done within a half an hour. I just love to watch the cloud formations.

Here are some new photos of the front blooms. I'm enjoying petunias a lot this year--even planted a few over in Bud County. The kid found this sweet little statuette of a cat with angel wings. How appropriate, eh? I don't remember putting petunias out in years' past. The colors are so vibrant. My azaleas are just about spent.

I always have the worst time with my hydrangea. I prune them too late or too early. I hardly ever get any blooms--so sad. They are one of my favorite flowers, too. I finally got rid of the scraggly pansies from winter and replanted double impatients in their place in my pots on the porch. They will become so full of blooms in the summer months (as long as I keep them watered regularly!) They remind me of little roses. So sweet.

My window boxes are doing well. (Can you tell which way the sun moves?) The ivy is thriving in this one, a little behind in the other. Nature--go figure!
Oh, and before I forget, a big thank you to Weird Bunny for such a sweet compliment on her blog. She said visiting my blog was like talking to a neighbor by the fence--you never know what you might find (out) with each visit! I love that. Thank you Weird Bunny. I feel the same about yours. We are quite wide in our range of writings, aren't we? Go take a look and see what she's up to today in Wales!!


Fizzy said...

What a lovely way to wake up, sitting looking for pictures in the clouds... brilliant.

Your garden looks wonderful. Your house looks brilliant too.

Have a good day

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those pictures look very nice! As usual, your house is gorgeous and the view from your porch is great!!!

Like you, I also love thunderstorms and like to see them developping...

Mrs. Staggs said...

We had a storm much like this one just a couple of days ago, very dramatic and full of thunder. I love storms like that. 10 minutes later the sun was shining and it was so warm and pretty! Your flowers are lovely. I really like the scent of petunias. I do the same thing to my hydrangeas, resulting in blooms every other year. One of these days I'm going to take more time and actually research the best time to cut them. Hope your body chemistry settles down soon. That doesn't sound any fun at all!

Connie and Rob said...

Your house is beautiful and I love all your flowers.

A good rain with a little thunder is refreshing...don't really care for the kind that last all night long. I know our flowers love them.

Take care,

weirdbunny said...

Hi rosa, is that house really yours!! How big is that!! Just put the kettle on , biscuits are ready, get your garden chair ready and we'll have a chat over the fence while I put my washing out! Yes your right my blog is quite varied, with no craft for ages, considering it was going to be a craft blog!!!!

paris parfait said...

I love these beautiful snapshots of your life! So interesting and often entertaining. Always nice visiting you. As for that house, Wow! Just beautiful! Thanks for posting all these great photos.

Raphaƫl said...

I love your pictures especially the one with the flag!!! Very nice shot!!!
I look foward to seeing you all!!
See ya!

Shell said...

your home is lovely. Very stately and looks like a southern mansion. How very pretty are your boxes of flowers. I have on in my front window..but its not doing well because of the heat.

You and I have thyroids in common. I had a thyroidectomy two years ago because I had a tumor and Graves disease...hyperthyroid so much I was having arrythimias. Now..sluggish as a slug. Its one thing or the other.



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