Thursday, June 15, 2006

Heading South

Although I fiddled around on my blog today and changed it a little, I did manage to get some things done for our trip on Saturday. I tell you, I'm becoming pretty good at this packing stuff!

I still have so much to do and have put the rest of it off until tomorrow. I need to start my list so I don't forget anything. We have two less people driving down with us this time, so I think that will make a major difference--at least in the van. Mom is staying home, as I knew she would. I remember quite distinctly how much she couldn't wait to get back home after day two! ha. And with friends there, it would just get her mad. (She doesn't like to share me.) I have to admit, I look forward to spending some down time with my dear friend and just doing whatever, whenever. I do have a friend coming in each day next week and taking her to lunch. She likes that; and this way, I know she is at least eating one good meal a day. God bless her. She is just a tad settled into her routine and doesn't like to change it.

Our little Miss Bev is not feeling well. She seemed to be losing weight--she's a tiny little thing anyway. So, I had switched her over to kitten food to help her gain but today she has just been listless. We have an appointment at the vets tomorrow morning. I hope it's nothing serious. I do worry about the little ones--not being able to tell us what the matter is. Poor little boo. Even her eyes look sick. She is still eating and drinking and cleaning herself, and that's always a good sign. Look how pitiful she looks. Awwwwww. Perhaps tomorrow, she'll feel better. Let's hope.


mrspao said...

Poor Miss Bev. Hope the vet can fix her up - it might be just a virus.

budlorimer said...

Where are you going? Have a good time.

paris parfait said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip! Poor little kitty - hope she's better soon.

ms*robyn said...

now, if that cat was all black, you would be a witch! haha!!
hope she feels better soon...maybe a little catnip will perk her up?



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