Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Presents from France

Raphael always arrives with gifts in hand. He shouldn't, but he always does. Normally, a good bottle of French wine for the hub is handed over, something special for the boys and always goodies for me. I have a little "Raphi Corner" of wonderful French items he has given me over the years.

As you can tell from the picture, this time he brought me Santons. Not just any Santon but ones from his family's collection. Is that not the sweetest?? I absolutely love them; and being ones that were personal make them just that much more special to me. I'm going to have to make a scene for them that will be ready for Christmas. (Any ideas???) I've learned from reading about them that Santons (little saints) were made for the Noel creche, or the Nativity scene and the tradition dates back to the twelfth century. The French added villagers to their scenes while other countries only displayed the traditional characters--Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the Wise Men, etc. "The main idea was people giving a gift of their labor to the Baby Jesus." Therefore, most of the little saints are showing their trade. I have two different links above to tell you more about them. As you will see, there are two different sizes in this collection. The angler and the "lady" are a little larger than the rest. The parasol is made of real lace. Oohlala.

Look at the brilliant colors used and the detail to every feature. The thought of making a little village out of them give me chills. Must I wait for Christmas time? I think not! You know, it's so nice that the children are older now and I can begin putting things out and not worry (too much) about them getting broken. Boy, it's been a long time! And I have so many dear friends who give me such lovely things to display. My heart is filled with so much appreciation to them all.

This one is my favorite. It's me in a couple of years down the road. My ideal dream of growing old is on a little tract of land (with a small stream running through it), and a few lamb that I would shear each season, clean, dye and would then spin into my own yarn. From there, I would make beautiful knitted blankets and give them all away to my dear family and dear friends. Of course, before I do that, I must learn to knit. I need to get with Lulu over at Dear Rosie Posie--this multi-talented lady has just purchased a yarn shop (which I know will do very well)! Isn't it wonderful to live out one's dreams?

Thank you Raphi, Regis and family. I will cherish these pieces forever.


ms*robyn said...

they are divine! don't forget to follow your dreams, they are the inspiration for your heart! just send that request out to the angels and before you know it, you will have the dream that you want! and so be it!!!
ps - have you ever visited Peggy & ms*diva at the blog - hidden haven homestead?

mrspao said...

They are lovely!

paris parfait said...

To give you Santos from his family is amazing! This is a very special gift, as Santos like these are hard to find. Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh my Rosa, these are quite lovely! You must have a special place in Raphael's heart.
I'm looking forward to seeing how you will arrange them. A village scene that changes a little with the seasons would be nice. LOL! When I told you about my monthly decorating I should have clarified that I mostly just change the top of the it is not as much fussing as it seems. I try and have a nice "something" on the front porch to greet people, but my porch is much smaller than those two magnificent ones you have so it doesn't require much more than a wreath for the door and a pot of flowers.
I'm happy for Lulu too! Wouldn't it be fun to visit her shop one day and see those lovely paintings of hers?
I hope all your dreams come true Dear Friend!

clarice said...

Hello Rosa, I have never heard of Santon's before. I wish I had before we had done our French unit. They are wonderful. Thank you for sharing htem. i will show them to my girls !! Clarice

weirdbunny said...

They are so cool, what fun your going to have with those.



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