Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday's Favorite Corner (Spot)

This is my living room, again. So many spots in here. The fireplace is a gas one, so we hardly ever use it. I despise it, actually. If you can't put a real, wood-burning fireplace in, forget it. Funny thing is, the builder built a beautiful chimney but no flue. Crazy. I guess they figure being in the South, you don't need a real wood-burning one. Phewy on that! I keep it covered all year. I get mad just thinking about the waste. Grrrrrr.

I've been sitting on my big comfy sofa facing this area doing my new needlework that I got at Liberty's of London. It's just a simple little bumblebee pattern for a sweet pin cushion. I hope to finish it up by the weekend. Seems one thing or another has kept me from getting to that comfy spot so far today. Perhaps when I finish this post, I'll brew some tea and pick it up again. I got quite far last night! So exciting, so rewarding.

I have here some of my stained glass pieces that I've done for various houses we've lived in and a lot of my religious icons that I've collected over the years. The silver ones are from Russia and Mexico. I don't have much information on the antique pieces. I just liked them and they ended up here.

Also on display are the boys' christening cups and spoons that were given as gifts when they were baptized. The cup in the middle, though, is one I picked up on Ebay rather cheaply. It is engraved with "Franklin." Too sweet to pass up. The antique watch worker's box was given to me as a birthday present a long time ago. I put the boys' silver spoons and my grandmother's (Rosie) darning scissors there for safe keeping. (I wondered where these were and just bought a new pair!! Isn't that always the way!)


Peggy said...

I love visiting your home. You have it decorated so nice. You will have to email your address to me because you left a comment on my blogday post and I am sending everyone a bar of Miss Diva's soap that left a comment that day!

Ulla said...

Oh Rosa, I can see we have a mutual love of icons! Wonderful!!!

paris parfait said...

I adore those religious icons; I collect them too. The christening cups and spoons are sweet.

ms*robyn said...

look at those religious icons! I love them - I collect them too and you have inspired me to take pictures for my blog - and thankfully this time visiting your blog, I havent been shut down! hope it lasts xoxo



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